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Tiki in Dallas?

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I know this is a longshot, but are there any tiki bars/restaurants in the Dallas area?


Ocean's 11 in Austin is your closest bet...


Last I heard the old Trader Vic's is still in Dallas (somewhere) but is only open for private functions.

Isn't there a new tiki bar in Austin called Oceans 11?

Jukeboy -

Sadly, there are no Tiki bars or restaurants in the greater Dallas/Ft. Wort area. (and we're in the top 10 metropolitan areas of the country!) The old Trader Vic's locale is supposedly available for private parties. It is in the former Hilton Hotel, now the Santa Fe Inn. As you read in earlier posts, there is a great tiki bar in Austin, Oceans 11, and Houston even has a new tiki restaurant.

We've got PLENTY of Mexican food places, but a straw sombrero sitting by a margarita just doesn't cut it when you want a tiki mug with a mai tai.

Wish I had better news for you, but as Cronkite says..."and that's the way it was."

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