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TIKI, South Padre Island, TX (restaurant)

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Street:6808 Padre Blvd
City:South Padre Island

Hey all, just wanted to let you know about this place, it's in a pretty obscure location...Padre Island is a spring break/party destination for TX frat boys, I stumbled across it when my band played across the street about 7-8 years ago. it's got a run-of-the-mill Chinese restaurant; there is a big vintage sign out front with a moai head if I remember correctly...unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me. inside had a tiki mask w/ spears & leopard shield (Witco?), some bamboo lights and a shelf of common mugs that they don't serve drinks in anymore...it's attached to what used to be a hotel, now they are beachfront rental condos! you can see an aerial photo at http://www.thetikis.com. the restaurant is at the front. be sure to give us an update if you check it out yourself!

oops, make that link http://www.thetiki.com (singular)

i have a matchbook cover from there! i'll have to scan it and post 'er


nice! even looks a little vintage-y...when I went, they only had a boring paper takeout menu for the Chinese restaurant...

it's from my grandfather's matchbook collection that i inherited ~ it's easily from 1970's to before. i was looking at it a week or two ago and wondered it it still exists. you answered mah question! mahaloZ - j$


I was looking around my lounge and found this to add.

Nikko posted on Thu, Sep 3, 2009 4:34 PM

When I was growing up we had a condo on SPI, every summer we would go at least twice. I would make sure that on each trip we got to go to the Tiki! I remember the food never being that great but I loved it! They had lays on the backs of the chairs and umbrellas in the drinks...oh and a fishtank, that was enough for me!

I havent been down there in a few years and the last time I went I didnt get a chance to go down there. But I have some pics from 99 that I will scan a bit later.

Sigh, I forgot to bid on one of those ashtrays on ebay and now its gone. :(


Hope so see some of your photos.

I picked up one those ashtrays on ebay - it's a little different than the one Trav posted. I will let you know if I see another.


Nikko posted on Thu, Sep 3, 2009 5:58 PM

Ask and ye shall receive.

A far cry from the pics I take these days but hey at least I got em.


Here is my matchbook from the Tiki Restaurant. Apparently, there was another location in McAllen.

You might also enjoy Sabu's post about the condos. The Tiki - Condominiums On The Beach

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