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The Blue Hawaiians - Last show!!!

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The Blue Hawaiians are playing at the Lava Lounge on Thursday, August 29. When I called the Lava Lounge about the show, the person answering said it "might be their last show ever." (This actually seems to follow what their former producer has been telling me about their difficulties and uncertainties within the band.) So if you've never seen this "exotica noir" band or just want to catch them one more time, here's your chance.

1533 N. La Brea Ave
Hollywood 323-876-6612

[ Edited by: vintagegirl on 2002-08-23 20:44 ]

That's what the all say. Just recently, didn't the Who loose a member and still play? Big bills for their mansions have to be paid somehow! The Blue hawaiians are too good of a band to completly fall appart. If so, I'm glad to have seen them with Ape and see Lane jam bongo with them.

hey vintage girl!
Do you know how late they're playing? Was thinking about popping in after work.
Is Atomic C. coming along? I have boxes 4 him.

[ Edited by: C.B. Howlie on 2002-08-28 03:18 ]


The Blue Hawaiians will be back at the 'Lava
Lounge on Sep.19th. We have a new CD in the works. Also check out the 'Vanduras' at;

I went to this show. The Blue Hawaiians kicked ass!!! They are a must-see.

Love their Tom Waits cover...

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