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What makes a a good Tiki Mug?

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What defines the make up of a good tiki mug? Is it only mugs with a polynesian or asian flair, or can any african elements be allowed? Or is totally up to the persons likes and dislikes? I have read so many posts about Tiki being "IN" and how many "POSERS" are moving in on the good thing that is TIKI, I just am looking for a little enlightenment :tiki:

[ Edited by: Kitschy Koo on 2002-08-25 23:22 ]

Tiki mugs are by definition, well, TIKI!

Hence polynesian, South Pacific, Aloha, Mahalo, Hang Loose, Hang Ten, Shaka Brah!.

African is fine for sites devoted to african mugs (?).

In regards to 'Posers' wanting to hang with Tiki, that isn't a concern to me. Just as we seem to pick up a large number of members after each major tiki bash, they will fall off over time. The hard-core will remain.


A good Tiki Mug should feel good in the hand,look good with a drink in it and be exotic by nature. The classic vessel with an appropriate garnish, icy condensation forming like sweat on his brow, filled with tropical goodness, now that's what a Tiki Mug is for. My favorites, Tiki Bob, Mr. Bali Hai, the classic Moai, the Orchids R-1 (Headhunter), the Moari Trader Dick's Mug (lines on his face) the Volcano Bowl and the green Sneaky Tiki. All common mugs, yet, utilitarian and beautiful drink vessels.

[ Edited by: Alnshely on 2002-08-26 09:37 ]

I was on Ebay an found this Mug http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2133624558 I thought it had an african flavor to it, thats where the question of african influences came from. Thanks for your reply

[ Edited by: Kitschy Koo on 2002-08-26 12:42 ]

I am going to say that pretty much anything from http://www.munktiki.com is Tiki. I'm sure most would agree.


[ Edited by: Turbogod on 2002-08-26 12:53 ]

Kitschy Koo,

After looking at the mug on e-bay I see why you may have thought it had African influences. Keep in mind that Munktiki (I own a couple) takes artistic license with his designs. They may not be pure.

However, notice the headdress on the mug; this is typical of the type you would find on tiki Kukailimoku (or just ku).

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