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Tiki Central at the Tiki Room!!

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King Kukulele, Baxdog, Floratina and myself were discussing the possibility of having just such an "event" the day after the Tiki Farm Bash, that way we've got a better chance of having a lot of Centralites already 'in the area'. In fact, Kuku says that if we can get 240 folks (the Room capacity), we might be able to have a showing ALL TO OURSELVES!! All of you with Annual Passes - THIS is the time to use 'em! Bring your family, bring your friends! The logistics aren't that tough (meet at the Tiki Room for the 10:00 showing, or whatever...), but they still need to get worked out beforehand. Whadda ya think? Can we do it, or is the 'morning after' just NOT a good time...


I got the domain "tikicentral.com" firstly for my love of Tiki but secondly for my love of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room! I think this is a great idea.

I'll be there for the Tiki Farm bash, and I'll be there for Disneyland the next day, too!


See the topic in the Events forum:


The rest of the posts should go there....


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