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Tiki Central at the Tiki Room!!

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King Kukulele, Baxdog, Floratina and myself were discussing the possibility of having just such an "event" the day after the Tiki Farm Bash, that way we've got a better chance of having a lot of Centralites already 'in the area'. In fact, Kuku says that if we can get 240 folks (the Room capacity), we might be able to have a showing ALL TO OURSELVES!! All of you with Annual Passes - THIS is the time to use 'em! Bring your family, bring your friends! The logistics aren't that tough (meet at the Tiki Room for the 10:00 showing, or whatever...), but they still need to get worked out beforehand. Whadda ya think? Can we do it, or is the 'morning after' just NOT a good time...

Doctor Z
Mix-maestro of the Castaway Lounge,
Redondo Beach, CA

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I'll be there!


As hardcore Disneyland and tiki room lovers Cherry and I will be there with bells on (and aloha shirts, too).

Just pleeze let's not make it too early -I have a feeling we will all be very 'bash'ed the next day.

the best time to see the Tiki Room (and pirates, and basically all the dark rides) is at night when (A) the crowds are low and (B) your eyes are adjusted... you can see more details at night.

The Tiki Room often opens late and closes early, so this doesn't mean we can get a "end of the night" show :(


I don't think I have been to the Tiki Room since the Sixties. This could be pretty funny. Tiki people on the loose in the Mouse's house.


Oh, boy -- you guys don't know how good you've got it. This sounds like it's going to be a blast, and I'm very, very sad that I don't get to partake in the festivities. Oh! To live in Southern California! Someday I'll make it to one of your shindigs.

Hey Humuhumu, if you do make it down please take someone back with you, it's crowded here.

Tina, were you even born in the sixties? :P

And knowing all you TC people without knowing all you Tc people, I think that the meeting time should be sunset whenever that is. Because there is nothing like a sunset coming through the forest-jungle of the surrounding area! Plus it gives time for the cobb webbs to clear. I think my tribe would be going!!!! Is there ever to much :tiki:

Humuhumu, it's even worse not living in SoCal when you USED to live there, and all your family is STILL there, and they all have season passes to Disneyland... sigh

An annual passholder told me today that the Tiki Room usually closes by 5pm. How about a trip by monorail to the hotel first for drinks? - then on to the Tiki Room. :D

I'd dig being there but will likely spend most of the day Sunday cleaning up - so, a later show would be the best by me but I understand if that won't work with the centralites.

We must have you along Holden!!! You're the reason this is happening in the first place. So I think accomodating smogbreather's schedule is paramount. Plus, like C.B. said - we may all be quite tiki bashed the next mornin' and need our beauty sleep!

Hey! Let's make this gig happen either the day after the bash or on some other date. We could do something like the OC Mini Crawl (or not).

Let's not let this idea twist in the wind. Start posting a) who will go, b) who will go if it's not the day after the bash, c) what the schedule of events might be.


Hey gang,

Tina and I are in for the day after the Tiki Farm Bash (Sunday)! This is the small window of time that I will be in town so if this works for you then that would be perfect for us! Like Bong said -- let it not "twist in the wind" (or something like that!).


Uncle Arty

I think someone else said it best, there will be no day that more TC'ers will be in SoCal than the day after the farming incident.
Let's just make it happen then ok


Sounds fantastic. I'd hope for late afternoon, as I'll be driving back to SF that night, and would prefer not to get back at 5 AM.



It's still a ways off, but with this amount of interest, we should start 'sounding off' as to who and when we are meeting. I was just there on Tuesday, and the 10:00am showing only had about 25 people in it - an early show seems to have better odds of having it all to ourselves, but it seems to me that a later afternoon showing is more sensible and works best for everyone overall(remember: just because we're meeting later doesn't mean you can't get there earlier and enjoy the rest of the "Happiest Place on Earth" - or just go to the Tiki Room over and over...). How does 4:00 sound? The park closes at 10, but if the TR closes at 5 we can still make it and have plenty of time left over. Plus, there are some excellent 'watering holes' in the Downtown Disney area: I recommend the UVA Bar; it's outside and they have a great drink called a "Purple Haze"! If you get your hand stamped, you can go back and forth between the bar and D-Land all you like! For this reason, I'd also suggest carpooling! Parking is $8.00 ($10.00 for campers & other big cars) However, if you have a Premium Annual Pass (or a pass w/ the parking add-on) or at least bring someone who does, parking is free!

So: meet at the Enchanted Tiki Room (presented by Dole Pineapple) in Disneyland's "Adventureland" for the 4:00pm showing on Sunday, Sept. 29th? All in favor say "aye" or "arrggh" or "harumph" or whatever...

All not in favor, propose something else!

Shelly and I are in.


c.b. 'n me... we're there

Aye eye ear oh ooooo
that was vowel
OK. 4 of my tribe
Prob. there by 12:00
We will be on the bridge to the castle at NOON

Aye! I'll be there.

Hanford, we need to get together and talk Disneyland history (and search for Hidden Mickeys) while we're there...

*On 2002-08-30 10:24, cynfulcynner wrote:*Hanford, we need to get together and talk Disneyland history (and search for Hidden Mickeys) while we're there...

Excellent idea! I will be there with friends who I don't think appreciate Disneyland the way we do, so this will be good!



If it's Sunday 9/29, Naomi and I will definitely attend! Like, man, the birds all sing and the flowers croon.


Aye! Tina and I are in!

Are you ready kids? Aye aye cap'n. I can't here you! We'll be there.

Aye, Johnnie Velour and Lady Velour will be there.

Me and my wife Jacki will be there. Wouldn't miss it!
On a somewhat related note, last Sunday we were at Disneyland and there was a huge Goth-type gathering called "Bat's Day" or some such thing. I'm assuming their central meeting place was the Haunted Mansion; you couldn't get near the place. :wink:
How can we make ourselves stand out from the crowds? Seems like a good time for Tiki Central T-shirts!


Aye! Fer both me and me salty sea-wench Rebecca.


On 2002-08-30 10:24, cynfulcynner wrote:
Aye! I'll be there.

Arr! My vacation request was denied! I will be attending the Tiki Farm party and driving back to SF the next day....

**Poly-Pop ***

Bartender, make mine a glass of WATAHHH!!!!!

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Too bad Disneylannd closed the Tahitian Terrace next door....


I've heard rumors there will be a Lilo & Stitch themed show moving into Aladdin's Oasis. Good place for it. :)

Argghhh - 2 Castaways along for the ride (assuming we can make it down for the bash at all - finances are still being worked out...)

So: meet at the Enchanted Tiki Room (presented by Dole Pineapple) in Disneyland's "Adventureland" for the 4:00pm showing on Sunday, Sept. 29th? All in favor say "aye" or "arrggh" or "harumph" or whatever...

cynfulcynner and Hanford, let's definitely do a history walk (with a little hidden mickey hunting) either immediately before or maybe after the tiki room fest. We're always up for more Dland trivia. C.B. and I would be happy to share a little lore, too

cherry capri wrote:

Hey now, Cyn and Hanford
Let's not start a mutiny
This is going to be great!_________________
Have no brakes
Cannot stop
Mahalo to you

[ Edited by: thebaxdog on 2002-09-20 07:20 ]

Matterhorn out? Haunted Mansion OUT? Dahmn.

So it looks like lots of Tiki Room, Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder, and Indy at Disneyland. I went to the Mansion last year when it was redone in all it's Nightmare Before Christmas glory and if you missed it last year and get the chance- definitely experience it this time!!

And, if any of you also have season passes and want to hit a couple cool things at California Adventure, I love Soaring Over California, and you gotta see the Blast show before it leaves- very cool!!


Here are some pics from my last visit to Disneyland, around a year ago, including the haunted mansion done up Nightmare style.

Inside the tiki room (it's ok to photo with no flash, or photo all you want between shows)

Haunted mansion, outside and inside..

I thought it was pretty amazing that they did such a total workover on the ride! The original was always one of my favorite rides.


Lady Velour has some great pictures of the Haunted Mansion Nightmare style. We had to go on it 3 times so she could take pics of everything. I would post them but they are all packed up right now.

A buddy of mine who works for Diz, said they set up all the Nightmare stuff in less than a week. I sure hope they're going to do it this year, too.


Is everyone still meeting up for the TIki Room? What's the final word? Please post today!


martiki6 wrote:

Shelley and I have our Tickets. We're in.

If I remember it was 4 o'clock at the TIKI room and if you were going early it was 12 o'clock at the bridge to the castle.
That's what we are doing unless someone changes it, and then that is what we are doing. Is everybody clear on this?

We (KukuiNut "sara" and thebaxdog "thebaxdog"
Will be reachable at (949) 230-5572
While we are at Dizlyland.
But we will try to follow the assformentioned

I'm in.

I was thinking that it will be difficult for the group to meet up in the park - unless we use cell phones. Those of you who would like to make your number available can email your number to me at [email protected] and I can compile a little list. I can distribute the numbers to other Disneyland participants the night before at Tiki Farm. This can be handy if people get separated from the group, "Help! I'm in Critter Country! Where are you?" and so forth. You might also just post your number here on Tiki Central if you are crazy like Baxter.

Het Doctor Z,
How about another round this year!
There are five times as many members now then when you guys went last time.
Just a thought,

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