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dusted off the old paint brushes recently

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I've gotten very used to doing everything on computers and hadn't done any painting in a few years, but I finally got out the old paint and brushes recently. It's a bit rough but I haven't painted at all in about 4 years.

The girl is made up, for the tiki I have come to accept that I suck ass when it comes to designing tikis so I used one from Svens book as referance, and the logo in the back, well I think most of you guys will recognize that.

[ Edited by: suicide_sam on 2002-08-26 14:58 ]

[ Edited by: suicide_sam on 2002-08-26 14:59 ]

Fred that painting is D-Y-N-O MITE. Keep painting my brutha. Thanks for the e-mail .

Very nice, Fred. (She looks like Nanette).

Oops, posted twice...

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Very nice indeed! I want her! NOW!

samoa posted on Mon, Aug 26, 2002 7:37 PM

cool suicide sam. I like it. hope you keep painting and we get to see more. :) good job!

....is that shecky in the background?

Looks cool Sam!

GECKO posted on Tue, Aug 27, 2002 2:09 AM

Nice work! That Tiki is one of Leroy Schmaltz's creations. Marquesan style also carved in Tahiti.


Awesome...keep doing Art!!

That's awsome Art, you should do more Fred?
I am always amazed by people that can create like that. My poor fingers just can't get the thought to paper.
But atleast my eyes can enjoy your work, keep painting!

You certainly are not rusty, my friend...Sell on EBAY! Grey

Looks good. Keep slappin that paint !!

To Bigbadtikidaddy:

yeah that's Tiki Centrals own loveable tiki mascot Schecky.

Freaking Awesome Painting! Can I have it? Just kidding, I know the answer to that. Keep up the good work.

That's an absolutely amazing painting you've done there! If that's the kind of work you do after a four year hiatus, I'd love to see what you paint when you're "in the groove"! You should put it up on eBay & see what happens. I'd definitely put in a bid for it!

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