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Still in shock

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"When we were moving," my good friend Gael told me this weekend while I was visiting her, "I put some Tiki mugs I had in a bag for you. I came back into the kitchen and the bag was gone and I heard the sound of breaking glass coming from outside. I went out there and J____ [Gael's husband] was breaking stuff for recycling...And he had broken all the mugs."

I picked my eyeballs up from the floor, dusted them off, and stuck them back in their sockets.

"Didn't he know you can't recycle ceramic?" I asked in bug eyed shock, grabbing my eyeballs before they hit the floor again.

"I think he was just getting rid of things he didn't like," Gael said.

"What did the mugs look like?" I asked, then thinking better said "No-! Don't tell me, I don't even want to know what they were like. I might not be able to stand it."

There is a bit of a happy ending to all this, Gael gave me a small Tiki tumbler and a Westwood mini Tiki mug. And J____ now lives in a different town.

I am so sorry for your loss, that would have been heart BREAKING. There must be some law he BROKE. Was he SMASHED when he did this?
Or HAMMERED? I'd like to rip him to PIECES!
I guess life is not always what it is CRACKED UP TO BE.
We here at TC hope you can put the SHATTERED PIECES of your life back together. (superglue)


My god that's a terrible story - it's probably best not to know what was destroyed...damn that recycling!!


Shoulda done what I do...make something else out of them...make a mosaic tile piece for your bar.... or piece them together and make a funky scultpure...hell, I even pieced together two broken volcano bowls... one became a planter and the other became a lamp...Just can't bring myself to throw them away...Grey

Seems like you always remember traumatic experiences like that in slow motion. When you realized the tiki mugs were being broken did you give out a slow prolonged, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"?


Who is it on this list who always says:

"Into the Volcano with 'em!"



Or in this case, shards happen.

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