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What do you think of TAHITI!

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Hi everyone.
As an island girl I've always wanted to know what the tourists thought of our islands. Now and then! When did you come? What did you think? Did you come back afterwards and what did you think then?

Thanx! Mauruuru!

I am getting married in November and will be visiting your Island, Moorea and New Zealand. I hope to have a website up that will document our trip and will certainly describe our adventures. I am sure we will love it and are looking forward to TIKI paradise !! TheTikiGuy

Do you live on Tahiti? Or another nearby island?


I have been to Tahiti twice in two years.
We stayed on Morea at the Club Med, It was
the best Journy I'v ever had. My wife an I
were crying on the bus ride to the airport
it was very depressing to come home....
Im am going to retire there on of these days.



We love Tahiti! One of the most beautiful places on Earth! My wife and I went on a South Pacific cruise that included stops in Bora Bora, Moorea, and Papeete. Bora Bora and Moorea were incredible. Great snorkeling and a haven for tiki lovers! Downtown Papeete was not as impressive, but we took a drive around the island of Tahiti and the scenery was amazing! Our trip was too short of course, and things were a little pricey but we would go again in a minute! Thinking about going again in December. Like Bamboo Ben, we were very depressed about coming home!


Uncle Arty

GECKO posted on Tue, Aug 27, 2002 4:58 PM

My father was born in Tahiti. He is also half Hawaiian. I've never been there. One day though.

Gecko (MO'O) in Hawaiian

To The CARDSHEAT: I'm from Moorea, and Tahiti and through my family from the austral islans too. But I like MOOREA and the island of TUBUAI BEST! :)

I visited Moorea 2 years ago. Also Tahiti and Bora Bora. Moorea was my favorite. Definately the most beautiful island. It's close to Tahiti if you want to go do some shopping, or partying.
I met some great people( a few angry ones too), one guy who drove a cab, and another who played in a band down at the Sofitel really hooked us up with some good info on the islands and what to see and do.
I've got to mention Ben, from Ben's restaurant on Bora Bora, what a good guy. Good food too!


Ia orana, Misstyki

Ma vahine est de Moorea aussi, Haapiti plus exactement. (my wahine is also from Moorea). Glad to see you at Tiki Central, along with Geckotiki, it's just great to have some grassroots tikiphiles on the forum. Hoping to hear from you guys soon.

May the mana be with you!




Thanx for the mana!
About it I think George Lucas could use it instead of the Force... but we will let that pass :wink: :P


I love your islands- they are my favorite in the whole world- I especially liked Moorea and Bora Bora. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to visit them, and the thought that I will go back again someday, hopefully more than once, kinda of gives my life a happy purpose :)

I was fortunate enough to spend 2 1/2 weeks in French Polynesia about 7 years ago on a job (so I got to go for free!) It was awesome, although the island of Tahiti didn't knock my socks off for the most part. I loved Moorea, and we got to take a 50' catamaran from Moorea to Bora Bora. My favorite restaurant on the planet is on Bora Bora (wish I could remember the name, but I got myself hooked on Tahiti Drink on that trip and don't remember as many of the details as I'd like. The hash didn't help, but that's another story).

I hope to go back sometime soon and spend more time, especially as I'm dive certified now and wasn't at the time...

Bloody Mary's restaurant?

Hmm... Doesn't sound familiar, but Tahiti Drink can do that to you. It was a huge thatched roof held up over a sand floor with big poles - no walls. The menu consisted of an immense ice table where they displayed whatever was caught that day, and the chef stood there and told you how he would prepare each fish if you chose it. It was awesome, and, though I can't remember the name, I'll always remember how much I enjoyed the place...

On 2002-08-31 06:24, thecardcheat wrote:
Bloody Mary's restaurant?

That's the place! Awesome!

Based on the Sylvan book, I can't wait to get there...

Beats the hell out of the 'stiffs' on Rapa Nui!



Never been, but I would love to go. It's warm,sunny and the waves are sick!!!

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