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Amazon's Share the Love & Amazon Coupons

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I often buy music, books, and dvds from Amazon.com that are in some way or another relate to Tiki, whether it be directly, as with Sven's "BOT", or tangentally, as with surf gitair CDs or books on 50s furnishings. When placing an order at Amazon, a buyer can send a 10% discount on that item to others who might enjoy the same product.

I was wondering whether anyone here would be interested in joining a list of TikiCentral members who'd be interested in being notified of opportunities to select products at a discount. If so, please post here and I'll (1) add you to my list, and (2) create a list in this thread of interested TikiCentral members as well.

Here's more info on the Share the Love program.

If you're interested please add me to your Amazon Friends list - [email protected] and post your e-mail address here.

BTW, here's a list of Amazon coupons for anyone interested. They're limited to one use per account, but can be used by any number of people.

CODE Value Exp.
CHNKBKAMZNLT $5 off $35 8/31/02
MAPPSUMMER35 $5 off $35 9/15/02
MAPSERVERS35 $5 off $35 9/16/02
MAPBABYTALK2 $10 off $100 9/30/02
MAPDCARD3Q35 $5 off $35 9/30/02
MAPFLEETSH35 $5 off $35 9/30/02

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