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Okay, maybe I should wait for the big new Hukilau site roll-out, but I can't. I have to share a peak. The finished product will be colorized, bigger, and hopefully timed to the Hukilau song. This is a test, and I think the test went well.

Hukilau Hula

Here's a question that came up in my family the other day: as a child I learned some Don Ho type hula in California, and for the Hukilau song whenever the word 'hukilau' is sung we made a gesture that I was told was grabbing a javelin or sharp stick and thrusting it downward (looked kinda like rowing an oar). When my mother-in-law learned the hula in Hawaii, the motion was more "grabby" and pulled to the stomach, as in dragging in fishing nets.

Does anyone know if there is a"right" or "wrong" motion, or if it's up to interpretation?

...does any of this make sense? :)


I was alway under the impression that you were pulling in nets from the ocean filled with fish http://www.ifccsa.org/hukilau.html

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You are bit right on both. Actually, when you sing the Hukilau part, you do a motion of pulling the net, but, when you sing about fishing, you make a spearing motion.

I guess the years have blurred them together for you.

I like my directions for the pulling motion: "Pull hard."

Thanks for the help! Looking at sexotica's post, several moves do not sound very familiar to me. So I think perhaps I was taught the "aw, isn't the little 7-year-old cute?" type of fake moves, made up by the instructor after watching a movie. :P

Now I have an excuse to take lessons again... :)

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