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Twilight zone tikis

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Anybody has a freaky story about tikis?
I do! My grandfather found a tiki once. It was a woman representation. He put it by our house, but as it was kinda round at the base, he put it in a layer of cement. Two days later, his legs started to hurt, he went to the doctor, the local massage place but nothing helped. One evening, as he was sitting by the house, he saw the tiki and though "that's it, you want to make a point right?!" So he broke the piece of concrete and left the tiki standing by itself.
On the following morning his legs were ok!!! :wink:

Aloha! That is so weird! Now it makes me look at my tikis differently...hell. I'll send them out for massages, and get pretty girls to hug and kiss them...they'll be no more neglecting my tikis, that's for sure! Mahalo Nui Loa! :lol: Grey

Speaking of Twilight Zone. Does anyone remember that episode that involved a woman that found/bought a little tiki looking fellow with a spear that came alive at night and tried to do her in?

The episode was with Karen Black. Trilogy of Terror. Not a Twilight Zone. But the Twilight Zone theme. It was a African tribal mask with a doll who had many rows of sharp teeth and a sharp spear. Removing his chain he came to life. Years ago Universal City, CA had the doll on display used in the movie.

In researching for our honeymoon on the Big Island, I came upon many of the legends regarding the goddess Pele. One story that kept popping up was that of Pele standing on the side of the road hitchiking. According to the legend, she would be in the form of either a beautiful young woman w/ long flowing hair or as a crippled & elderly woman. In both manifestations, the goddess would be holding a cane & accompanied by a dog. Furthermore, if you didn't pick her up or offer her kindness of some sort, her wrath would either bring ill fortune to you or your loved ones or, more likely, there would be a devistating eruption on the island.


We had left our accomodation near Honaunau & were venturing on to Volcano Village to stay for a few of nights. I was drive & Tiki Emi was asleep in the passenger seat of our rental. Joking on the flight over from Honolulu, we had agreed to pick up anyone fitting the description of Pele that we might encounter on on journeys.

Note: I'm an avid fan of hitchiking (in certain non-threatening circumstances) - I haven't done it in a long time but back in the day I logged about 10,000 miles hitchiking (mostly throughout Southern Africa), whereas my wife is adamently opposed to the idea of hitchiking.

So...as we zoomed down the road to Volcano (near the turnoff for Southpoint), I was surprised to see a tan, svelt young woman w/ her hair blowing in the wind & holding what appeared to be a staff standing on the side of the road w/ her dog.

'Hey uh Em...there's a beautiful young woman w/ long hair, a staff & a dog hitchhiking.'

"OH OH! Pick her up!"

Long story short:

Her name was Brandy (from California or Oregon). She worked on an organic farm in South Kona. She was on her way to a drum circle in Puna. The staff? A dijeridoo. She told us about a few off the beaten path sites (we had some for her too though), about the danger of the deceptively calm currents of the Pacific, about how the DEA totally messed w/ locals, & about how crystal meth had unfortunately taken the place of marijuana as the drug of choice among local youth.

But...she did have this piercing look in her eyes & did seem to just disappear when we dropped her off near Volcanoes National Park.

Tiki Chris

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Here's the doll's pic

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I've heard of stories about Pele too.
One of my ancestor was known for her worship of the Goddess. Before She left Tahiti or Kahiki to the Hawaiian Islands. She would sacrifice white feathered chicken and do prayers.
I have a profound respect for my ancestors beliefs and sometimes think they weren't only stories.

Here's another spooky tale about tikis.
One of our friend a Popa'a, (Haoli or pakeha), thatis to say a white guy. Who was very skeptical about anything supernatural, decided one day to build a house at the foot of a mountain in Moorea. He chose to use the rocks that were on his land to make concrete. One day as the workers were grinding the these rocks to have smaller pieces, there was a big boom and the machine just stopped, there was smoke coming out of it.
Our friend went out to see what was going on and guess what?
They found a small tiki stuck in it. The machine was totalled but the statue was ok!
From that day on our friend thought differently of the old stories.

(sorry for errors... english is not my mother tongue!)

(Wow! I just figured out how - & realized just how easy it is - to add images!)

I took the above photo at the beloved Bishop Museum in Honolulu. The story behind it is that some guy had been having countless dreams - & thus, restless nights. In his dreams, this statue called out to him from underground near his home asking to be unearthed. The guy eventually got a shovel & dug a hole in the location told to him in his dreams to find this statue exactly as he had dreamed of it & in the exact spot!

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There is a restaurant in Carlsbad called Al's in the Village. They have a really cool Tiki. This morning I asked Al what the story was with the Tiki. He told me this. The Tiki used to sit outside. One day someone stole it. 3 years later a regular customer, who owned an apartment building, said he had found the Tiki in a hastily vacated apartment. It turns out the apartment was rented by three Marines. One had contracted a horrible tropical decease, one had been found guilty of drug trafficking, The last had been "dishonorably discharged" and left town in a hurry. The man asked Al if he wanted the Tiki back, Al said "Yes, that's my good luck Tiki".

I like bought this tiki from Bula Bula a month or so ago and I got drunk and it fell on top of me and I like totally freaked out because I was drunk and the tiki was not and like....wait, I am drunk now. Sorry you guys!

colly posted on Fri, Aug 30, 2002 2:38 PM

do you all remember those episodes of the brady bunch when they were in hawaii? with the bad luck tiki necklace? heh. yea you do.


So I guess this is a good time and place to tell the tale. Back around 94' I was watching a Nickelodeon documentary about the Brady bunch. In this was a segment titled "Taboo" in which they talked about the oh so famous Tiki of the BB episodes, It was "found" in episode 72, "Hawaii bound". wreaked havoc in episode 73, "Pass the Taboo" and met it's final demise in episode 74, "The Tiki Caves". They showed a short still photo close up of the Tiki hanging around peters neck. I was stoked. Ever since I started Tiki King, I was always being asked if I made that Tiki, I always chuckled, "No way man! It's TABOO! Doodle-oodle-O!" But this documentary was like a sign. It was time to make that Tiki. So using the still as a guide, I began sketching out the design. Wellll...That night I was riding my Vespa, and got a Flat tire. not to big a deal, the vespa has a spare tire with it. But it was odd. I had actually never had a flat before. but we were in a parking lot, and it only took a moment. It was a minor inconvenience. So a few days later, I finished the sketch. That night I ran out of gas in one of the worst parts of town, and the nearest station was about three blocks away, UPHILL! and we were late getting somewhere already. So as I am pushing the Vespa along, trying to ignore the pimps, pushers, and other denezins of the back alleys I say to my wife, "Man, I must have angered the gods, or carved the wrong Tiki or something...""it's that Brady Tiki" she laughed, "It's Taboo!" So I stopped working on the Tiki for a couple weeks. Ah, but the temptation was too great. I was in a lull at work, so I got out a piece of wood, got out my sketch and started. I did a quick outline on the block of wood, and started carving. No sooner had I shaved off a few chips of wood when I heard a scream. My boss was yelling franticly for me to come up front, and as I got to the door I was met by a wall of muddy water that quickly flooded our shop. Because directly in front of our shop, a water main from 1906 had burst, and was now sending up a geyser of water. There was water, sand, mud and cobble stones flying into the air everywhere. Oddly enough the flood hardly touched the two stores next to us, but filled ours with two feet of water. After two weeks of lost business and gruesome cleanup, ( the place had to be gutted, all the drywall removed. It was a mess) I decided that the Tiki and the sketch had to go. We ceremoniously burned the drawing, and tossed the Tiki into the storm drain. As we stood in a moment of silence, a man walked up. "So how much did you loose?" he asked. We didn't really know. $10,000, $20,000 we hadn't added it up. He introduced himself as a representative of the city, and told us that we would be reimbursed for ALL of our losses. To simply fill out some forms and send them in once we had totaled it up.
So is that Tiki Taboo? hard to say. Will I ever reproduce it? hmmmmm. 1st curse, a flat tire. Not a big deal. Second, being late and running out of gas in a bad area, ten times worse than the first. Then the flood. Each one progressively much worse that the previous. I do not intend on finding out what would be next. It is all true. If you ever come for a visit, I can show you the tape of the documentary, which also was the tape that was in the VCR when they showed the flood on the evening news. So now right after the Brady documentary, is the news footage of the spouting water main, with us in the background trying to get stuff to higher ground. doodle-ooodle-ooo!

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Hey, TikiKing! I was just thinking...REAL glad you didn't get it made into a tatoo! ....Grey


Here's another story.
It's about two maquesian tikis.
Theys were moved from their native islands to Tahiti where they would stand near the hospital in Mamao. During the manoeuvre some people died and afterwards too. It is said that they caught weird diseases. Many people think it's because they moved the tikis from their native islands. Who knows...

My wife was telling her new co-worker, a native of New Zealand about my passion for Tiki, and she replied that an odd thing happened to her on the way to the UK. She'd stopped over in LA for a couple of hours
and was walking around the airport when she noticed that there was something in her shoe. Thinking it was a small stone, she took the shoe off and turned it upside down, and out fell a tiny Tiki (Hei-Tiki type) about half an inch long! She had no idea where it came from & how it got into her shoe.
Weird, eh?

Trader Woody

This weekend I was going to secure an 80 pound tiki with some brackets so as to not have it accidentally fall on my tile floor. You know what? I actually thought about this thread and added rubber, non-slip pads to the bottom of the tiki instead!

Am I superstituous? No. At least I like to think I'm not. However, when it comes to messing with the power of tiki I'd rather not take a chance.

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