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Tiki Halloween Costumes

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It's never too early to think of tiki halloween costumes...

Besides being a tiki mug (discussed earlier I think) anyone got any brilliant ideas?

How about being Sandy Warner? No one would know who you were supposed to be, but you'd sure make the guy's heads turn!

On 2002-08-28 12:48, tikifish wrote:
How about being Sandy Warner? !

Yeah but you'd get one heck of a neck ache trying to achieve all those weird, exotic, come hither angles that she'd use to position her head for all those album photos!


[ Edited by: Tiki Chris on 2002-08-28 14:38 ]


You could put a frame around your head and hang a bamboo curtain from it, the peek out every once in a while.

Or you could just take an album cover where the head is about life-sized, cut out the face, and insert your own real face into it. Tie the album cover to your head with a string or elastic.



Not Tiki - but how about a giant blowfish lantern..? Y'know - get a giant medicine ball, hollow it out - put a flashlight inside....
Just a thought....


THe Hula girl costume is a common one, available at any store, but maybe with some modifications it could be interesting... I don't really know what those would be though.

How about being a Fu-Man-Chu mug?

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