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Trader Joe's, Tucson, AZ (store)

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Name:Trader Joe's
Street:1101 N Wilmot Rd
Phone:(520) 733-1313

Yep, a grocery store with tikis; I don't know if the whole chain is like this or if its just one location. An employee told me this is the permanent decor. This is the window painting on the side as of early May, 2004:

Its actually got more tikis than some tiki bars. At least six of these gaze down upon you as you pick through the health food oriented selection.:

There are also masks at two of the checkouts.

On 2004-06-09 04:54, tikijackalope wrote:
I don't know if the whole chain is like this or if its just one location.

Tiki Diablo's done up other Trader Joe's as well. It was mentioned in another thread --


The one in Commack, NY is also tikified, but mostly with paintings, no carvings. I wonder why no one at Trader Joes thought to sell their own tiki mugs.

There is another Trader Joe's opening in Phoenix this Monday in Ahwatukee on Chandler Blvd just west of I-10 that will have patio seating. It's going in where the old Volcano Grill used to be. Looks like it will be much cooler than the ones in Mesa and Tucson.

Is this Trader Joe's still tiki?

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