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Tikis Woodcarvings, North Myrtle Beach, SC (store)

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Name:Tikis Woodcarvings
Street:860 Hwy. 17
City:North Myrtle Beach
Phone:(843) 272-1353

This is the shop and retail outlet of carver Joe Fanelli, who says he has been making tikis for 30 years. It is a small shop with, usually, about a dozen tikis displayed for sale outside. His website is http://www.tiki-joe.com/

Juno and the75stingray give some good first-hand info on this place in a thread about Tribal Island mini golf: https://tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=4815&forum=2&6 but, as that thread has grown rather long, I decided to post photos of Tikis Woodcarvings to a new listing to avoid further topic drift. Also, the store is referred to by multiple spellings, Tikis Woodcarvings (sign), Tiki Joe's Woodcarvings (website) and Tiki's Woodcarvings (other print sources) so here they are, all tied up in one place for Google and the TC search engine to find them.

The business was closed for the day when I ran across it. Here is the exterior:

These tikis were chained outside:

A mask inside the building, visible through the bars in front:


I was just there last week during my annual visit to Sunset Beach/Myrtle Beach. Didn't pick anything up on this trip...they had some beautiful pieces but I don't have the room right now.


Hey Juno, did you happen to notice the prices on his tikis, particularly the mask inside?


The masks I saw were $90+. They were nice but nothing really grabbed me. I didn't see any tiki's for less than $200 when I was there other than the style I already have.

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I was just there again during 4th of July weekend. Here's what I bought:

I went back a few days later to pick up a larger one I had my eye on. They said that because of it's weight they could only ship "commercial shipping" to TX which means it had to go to a business address. Couldn't do it :(

My sister lives in N.Myrtle Beach, so I frequent this shop. The Tikis are pretty good. My favorite piece is the mask(shown above). I think it was $375. The two guys there are pretty cool and will move on the prices. They shipped both of mine for free.

Why are these places always a thousand miles from my home?!!

Hi Tiki Lovers!
I'm Tiki Joe, owner/operator of Tiki's Woodcarvings. I'm very flattered with the positive feedback I'm seeing here.
A few fast facts: I have been carving Tiki's for 30 years. I love the Tiki thing. I use cypress & red cedar wood and everything is sanded smooth and coated with Minwax spar urethane. Even with the xtra work, I see my prices are better than most. I'm a dinosaur - I believe in charging a fair price for my work. I still find it humbling when someone buys something I made. I'm open 7 days a week. Give me a call anytime, and thanx again!
P.S. I will ship anything!
Joe Fanelli

we got a 3 footer from joes as a wedding present, and its our favorite, right there with the lake surfer marq my wife bought me at exotica as a wedding present.....love your stuff joe, keep up the good work!

I have 2 of your tikis Joe. They are great. Im coming down there in the first week of January. Hopefully you will be fully stocked. Maholla!

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