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tiki bar, faa'a, Tahiti (bar)

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Name:tiki bar
Phone:86 51 10

The tiki bar is located in the Tahiti Intercontinental Beachcomber Hotel.

The all hotel is tikified (this is Tahiti !) and the bar is just fabulous, with a fantastic view on Moorea.
The bar is a kind of a traditional hut with tiki poles all around. Cocktails are served and are really good.
You can have a great show on friday and saturdays by an excellent dancers troup.
I didn't stay at the hotel (very expensive) but i looked inside and found 2 huge swimming pools, lots of tiki...


here are some picxs of the hotel and the bar :

The hotel map

The hall

...others to follow soon


the menu

the dancers

guess where we are...


Oh, Baby.. I am SOOOOOO there!

A few glances at these shots and my mind jetted straight from my cube to Papeete.

Please don't bring me back either.


Wow, great pics Virani....brought back some great memories.In '98 I was there for 8 months on the yacht I worked on at the time.Spent many a sundowner at the pools swim-up bar....

We just got back from a fabulous cruise of French Polynesia. We visited the Tiki Bar at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Barbara tied the bow on this festive Christmas Tiki in the lobby. (Wonder how long before someone noticed?)

Enter the Tiki Bar

The bar is circular, with Totem pole - like tiki columns

Sorry about the Photoshop on a couple dark pix:

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