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Palm Wood?

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Where do people get Palm Wood for making Tiki's?

[ Edited by: Tikiphile on 2002-09-02 13:59 ]

Hook up with a local tree trimmer and offer to buy some off him/her. good luck.

If you're like me - tell your father to bring his chainsaw on your parents trip to Florida...my Dad got me 2 logs from a landfill in Florida (the area where people dump felled trees and bushes, etc.)


The dumps are good here, but I just went into the woods and found all the palm trees I wanted. A carvers dream!!!!!!


[ Edited by: MaD-TiKi on 2002-08-31 23:31 ]

All great ideas, except no forests for me to go into to get palm tree wood, my husband had an idea of using the wood available here (joshua trees), I might try it out!! I think I will become best friends with a landscaper!! Or I could always ask JohnTiki's Dad to cut me some trees too and just drop them off on his way back to John's place. California isn't to far out of his way is it? Creative ideas all of them, Thanks

[ Edited by: tikiphile on 2002-09-02 12:44 ]


My friend and I have been hunting for palm for the past year..we have'nt had
much luck ...I called all sorts of tree trimming palces and left my # and still no calls........
we came upon some a friend cut on down but the palm is to dry to carve....
I did pick up some logs that someone
was giving away for fire wood( not Plam), It was wet when i started to carve it but I set it in the sun for a day and dryed nicely...
so try your luck on palm or other types of wood to..
Telephone pole can also be used ( with a chainsaw and lot's of blades)...
also Redwood is hot one


[ Edited by: bambooh on 2002-09-01 18:22 ]

Oh, you lucky guys...here in Vermont there are no palm trees to be found...maple trees don't work that well...ultimately they lead to a widenly cracked tiki that smells like maple syrup...hell, I can't use telephone poles because they reek of tar when the weather gets warm...getting at palm trees is the major reason I'm considering a move to Florida....shows just how screwed up my priorities are,...hmmm? Grey

Be sure and wear a respiratior if you are going to be cutting on a telephone pole. They are pressure treated with some dangerous shit.

If you live in the high desert. Try this one aout. Got to some of the date farms and try to score some fallen trees. I had really good luck getting all of the logs I wanted, but for me this was just too much drama. That and I don't really like carving date palmwood. It's very coarse. Make sure to give them some $ for their cervezas, and clean up after yourself. good luck.

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