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Random TIKI poles around Huntington Beach, Huntington Beach, CA (other)

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Name:Random TIKI poles around Huntington Beach
Street:Gothard/Slater and Golden West/ Palm
City:Huntington Beach

I'm sure somebody has already posted these, but I couldn't find it. Anyhoo, there's some koo-koo TIKIS around Huntington Beach that maybe someone knows sumpthin' about(who carved them or other items of intrest). There are two poles on Gothard st. just north of Slater on the east side of the street. They are in front of industrial-type businesses and do not appear to have anything to do with their environment other than make it beautiful. One of them looks like it had caught on fire and was put out with gasoline. The other TIKIS of intrest are located in someones backyard that can be seen from Golden West(west side) near Palm. You can only see the tops of them but what can be seen is very rewarding. One appears to be some sort of a "shark-head" TIKI and is quite odd. My wife had to talk me out of knocking on their door as I used the old "TIKI should be shared" argument. She won as usual, and I'm not the type of guy to peer over peoples walls so these TIKIS will remain a mystery unless one of the TIKI gentry can fill us in or invite us into yer backyard.

[ Edited by: Tikitortured on 2004-06-23 12:13 ]

And there's 2 palm tikis, 2 stone tikis, and a metal tiki sculpture in the front yard of a house near the intersection of Newland & Garfield on Wave Cir. Oh, wait... that's my house.

Mr. Bong, if you see a geeky lookin' guy on a rusty beach cruiser with a camera and a Greg Brady-type TIKI idol around his neck lurking in front of yer house...don't shoot! it's only me trying to catch a glimps o' the Gods.

Just PM me and stop by sometime.

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