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Hey Hanford,
Any chance we can use avatars in the near future? I like the idea, it works pretty well on the LottaLiving forums (so that's what you look like). The BBcode generator buttons for posting are pretty cool, too.
Not complaining, just easily attracted to shiny objects :wink:

Hi Biotron,

I'm not sure if/when we'll get avatars and the new BB code formatting.

Here's the deal: We're using phpBB 1.4. The current version of the software (that lottaliving is using) is 2.0. PhpBB 2.0 is a total rewrite from 1.4.

I've made a lott of changes to the 1.4 software here. Not just graphics and colors but actually (re)writing new code to provide new features like Mail delivery, better text rendering in messages, and other misc. stuff. Since 2.0 of the board was a total re-write, it's not simply as easy as re-adding my changes.

I'll have to weight the benifits of 2.0's new features vs. the work it will take to re-implement mail delivery.

So, will we be getting avatars?

  • Short term: No
  • Long term: it's possible

Hope this helps.


Fair enough. Thanks for the answers. We can always put pics in our sigs. :)

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