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Suffering Bastard?

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Apparently the Suffering Bastard mug was originally called "Mai Tai Joe"



whoa - that set sold for $405 bones??? Does anyone know how old the set is??? 405 seems a little high to me...


That's some pretty undisputed truth that the mug we've hailed as...
"The Suffering Bastard" or
"The Squatting Tiki" is actually a mug named "Joe". Man, that has thrown me off!

Oh my gawwwd. "Mai Tai Joe" sounds like the name of a male prostitute found
selling his wares in a Tahitian dive bar.

Please stick to the 'Suffering Bastard' we know and love for the Tiki Farm re-issues!!!

Trader Woody


Hey...at least WE didn't pay $405 for a mug that we are OBLIGED to call Mai Tai Joe...this guy has to...no way he can shake this...Now HE'S the suffering bastard with his Mai Tai Joe! :lol: Grey

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