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I was just looking around another bulletin board and its rather generic and somewhat confusing design made me appreciate Hanford's design of Tiki Central even more. Tiki Central is easy to comprehend visually and has a clean sleek look to it...Like a dream car of yesterday's tomorrow. Tiki Central also has a sense of place to it visually. When I'm here I actually feel I am somewhere, not just in computerland limbo. The sparkling personalities and lively content of Tiki Central are of course the main draws, but Hanford's excellent design is what makes Tiki Central such an enjoyable environment...And the low lighting makes everyone look better.



Good observation. We shouldn't take this site for granted and I join you (you big negator)in saluting Hanford.

Thanks guys!

I think the vast majority of the greatness in this board comes from the members and the content they contribute. I'm constantly blown away by quality of the information posted here... it is really becoming a real repository for Tiki information!

More to come soon!


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Pages: 1 3 replies