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Call it obsession...Does anyone inventory / catalog their collection?

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Although very supportive of my bad tiki habit, my wife thinks it is weird that I inventory my tiki & exotica collections. She says it is "Obessive / Compulsive".

Does anyone else do the same?

I can tell you how many mugs I have, how many are duplicates, etc.

Hey, I personally think it's a good thing to do for insurance purposes...am I right?


I actually thought about doing that about a year ago. When I got around to starting the process I decided not to. My collection is simply too large! It would take me forever. Plus, once I know exactly what I have and DON'T have, I'll probably go crazy trying to acquire the "unfindables" to complete my inventory!

At present, I only have about 20 mugs so I haven't felt much need to catalogue them, however, I'm a complusive cataloguer by nature (see e.g. my DVDs) so I have no doubt that eventually I will.

I think that is totally reasonable. If I had more time, I would catalogue our large collection of stuff. Insurance companies sometimes don't understand the value of collectibles unless you spell it out for them.

Now, just make sure you are keeping track of your other valuables, too: like your tv, stereo, good clothes, etc. otherwise your wife might have a point :wink:


I'm just starting my tiki-obsession, so, yeah, I'll catalog it. Partly for insurance, partly for programming practice, (It'll be a web-based application that I can show or edit form anywhere.) partly for keeping track of duplicates and wants. Maybe my application will be able to have multiple users and others could use it too, then it could be cross indexed so if you want tiki X and I have doubles but I want tiki Y and you have it we could arrange a trade. Or maybe not.


Sorry - StingRay I believe you are the dreaded obsesive-compulsive-tiki-collecting-freak your wife says you are.:D

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