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OH NO! Poly Pop in Better Homes!

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Oh Geez! I guess tiki is officially trendi now! I just saw vintage asian and polynesian stuff featured in 'Better Homes and Gardens' May 2002 issue! The good news is that there is a plug for Sven's book (the ultimate TBOT!) on page 94. The bad news is...see prior comment. Oh God, I'm not tacky anymore, I'm trendi! I'd better go mix up another mai tai or 3 and drown my sorrows!

:drink: :)

Speaking of "trendy" and Mai Tais and home decor...

Check this out from online bedding store "The Company Store." My wife went crazy for it and bought it today. My apologies to all the tiki purists.


Walmart now has a comfoter and sheets and pillow cases with little pineapple drinks and palm trees. No actual tikis on anything though. Tikis are what seem to be missing on all of this new wave of stuff at Pottery Barn, etc. -Bryan


Pottery Barn called it "gifts with a touch of tiki"
and yet NO tiki touched the gifts anywhere!?!?
I guess it wouldn't be appropriate if they called it touched by a hula girl... er, I mean "Aloha Girl"

The one thing I like about this new found decor style is you'll find some cheap knock-offs... That's when I'll cash in :D


some of the best tiki sheets around:



where were the Mai Tais on those sheets? All I saw was a bunch of little parasols!

Mervyn's California is having a sale on Hawaiian print sheets right now-$29.99 any size. They also have some Hawaiian print flip-flops on sale. Everywhere I looked-Hawaiian prints! BUT....NO TIKIS!! I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

* :drink: *

Tacky Tiki,
You spotted that, didn't you. Brought up the same problem to my wife. She sneered at me. That shut me up.
I guess if a thousand items on EBay have tiki or Eames in the title but don't have a tiki or Eames furnishing in sight, then a bedding catalog can call something Mai Tai without a single drink on it.
Obviously they just should have called it "Tropical Drink Mini Umbrella." Trips right off the tongue, doesn't it.

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