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Bigbro Birthday Bash

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Posted: 2002-08-06 17:27
by bigbrotiki

"Jawohl, I am opening the sacred halls of my Tiki museum to my fellow Tiki archeologists in the LA area. Every visitor will receive a guide book through my collection in one hand and a Mai Tai in the other, and you will be educated and amused.

This will be 4 days after my 47th birthday, but please bear no gifts, I am rich in Tiki, but poor in moola, so to keep the expense down, just bring lot's of Myers and Mount Gay rum and some munchies (I will grill some smokey links to create a basis for the booze). "

Wow, what a great party that was! I was so glad to have met all you Tiki Centralites. Below are some pics of the celebration and drunken debauchery. Enjoy!

Barbeque master Sven & student Daniel Paul

Experts of Polynesian Pop & Americana Pop

The Grand Tiki Tour


Room 135 Redux

Mai Tais & Weenies

TOO many mai tais!! Happy Birthday Sven!!

[ Edited by: newtikiguy on 2002-09-04 10:22 ]

Hey Everyone, thanks for coming to my party. From what I can remember it was a blast! So glad that all were imbibed with the spirit of Tiki. I am still so giddy I feel like I'm 5,000 miles away! Mahalo to everyone!

By the way,


This is insane!


This is really going to spook out Sven.

That is too funny!!



Brought to you by Tiki Central Casting. Excellent lampoon guys.


Happy B-day when you find this Mr. Sven!
Two thumbs up for the Tiki-Lampoon group!!!


KukuiNut And I want to thank Bigbro for giving us so many new TIKI things during the party.
We can finally complete our Tiki bar.
Buy the way Big guy it looks like after we left you did allright with the (redhead)
Wink wink nod nod
PS. What a great host?

Hey, that guy with white hair doesn't look like Sven. there is something fishy going on! I have 3 possible explanations:

  1. He is an impostor.
  2. Sven has had massive plastic surgery.
  3. He is the alternate universe Sven a la the Star Trek episode 'Mirror, Mirror"...

Histerical! Well done you guys! Who says you need a host in the country to have a party? Chuck I rembember you threatened to have the party, but I never thought you'd have it, especially without us. There have been Sven sightings all over the Southland lately - Could it be the cosmic convergence or is it just the atomic-cocktail in action.


I am laughing my ass off....
Looking forward to seeing my wedding pictures too... ahahah!

Took me a while to figure out what was going on. Where is Sven? Doesn't he love us anymore? I guess the allure and romance of Tiki Central is no match for Hamburg.

Personally, I am shocked and appalled. I always thought of Sven as such a distinguished gentleman....and now this! I won't even discuss what I think of that redheaded floozy! :oops:

Wait till I get my hands on that white haired guy!

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