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Post #3488 by mrtikibar on Tue, Jul 9, 2002 11:43 AM

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If you are in St. John's, The Alibi must be fairly close. I wish I was in the loop earlier. I noticed you had Sven doing some research and lectures in Portland and it would have been great to take that in. I took my Book of Tiki to Palm Springs but I never could bring myself to bug the guy to sign it. (I'm sure he would have been happy to do so.)
Thanks for the tip on Bamboo Craftsman.
That is in my neck of the woods. When I started my basement project I got a deal on bamboo poles and screens when Import Plaza(over by Saturday market) closed down. Since then, materials have not been so cheap.
Bamboo timbers from local nurseries really
are expensive.
The deals you run into, though, can help even things out. The rattan bar and stools I found at Goodwill were so cheap it was almost embarrassing. Tiki on.

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