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Post #582785 by Paipo on Thu, Mar 31, 2011 6:59 PM

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Paipo posted on Thu, Mar 31, 2011 6:59 PM

Here you go Sven...

(pants optional?)

According to the article, Kase Jackson was a noted modernist who worked briefly with Charlie McPhee before branching off on his own when he realised painting velvets was far more lucrative than being a cubist in the 60s.

Look familiar? I have seen this picture painted/signed by McPhee also...in this very thread!

Apparently the switch from high to lowbrow was too much for Colin McCahon, NZ's most famous painter and a contemporary of Jackson, who dropped him as a friend.

Kase sold most of his work through the Scholes gallery in Rotorua, then (and still to some degree) the mecca of NZ and Maori tourism. The gallery had no such problems conciliating the differing styles of art and exhibited contemporary and modernist art, sculpture and ceramics alongside Maori wood carvings, sheepskins, native wood tchotchkes and of course, velvet paintings:

The demand was such that a dedicated "Polynesian Room" was opened specifically to showcase Jackson's work.

Unfortunately the article doesn't really go on to say how long Kase painted for or if he is still around (he'd now be 85). He was reasonably prolific so I'm sure more works will come to light...