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Post #722753 by Atomic Tiki Punk on Thu, Jul 17, 2014 12:58 AM

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On 2012-08-09 15:59, Atomic Tiki Punk wrote:
For sale " Get Tiki" kit!

Kit includes: One black & white xeroxed copy of the International best selling thriller by Sven Kirsten "The Book of Tiki"
(Note: all pictures & text have been redacted to avoid litigation)

One party city rainbow colored plastic Tiki signed by a "Crazy Al" Evans lookalike.

One bottle of Trader Vics Mai Tai mix (Only 10 years past expiration)

Two bottles of Bacardi dark Rum (Pocket sized)

One package Paper Umbrellas (10 Count)

One string of Tiki Lights ( Actually old Christmas lights with Tikis drawn on with permanent marker)

The entire Martin Denny Exotica collection in MP3 format (You will receive an email with download link after you register your kit)
.....Disclaimer: the link will only be live for 24 hours after email is sent, email address is spoofed from North Korea so don't try to track it)

Finally a free lifetime membership to the premiere Tiki website "Tiki Central" (A $500 value!)

All this can be yours for only 48 payments of $19.99 plus shipping & handling
So get Tiki today!

Another fine product from Skrue-U enterprises

Super Summer Sale! now you can be more Tiki then ever at a half off!!!
you heard right! more Tiki!, half off!

Get the Tiki Kit for only 48 payments of $9.99 plus shipping & handling
this offer only good for current Tiki Central Members, Mistresses & Pets
please leave your children at home, unattended with a pack of Lucky Strikes & a case of Mexican Cokes.