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Tiki Central / California Events / Tonga Hut's Tiki Central 20th Anniv. Cocktails & Appetizers Party!

Post #800035 by Mele_Ipo on Tue, Jan 14, 2020 5:02 PM

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Aloha All,

All I can say is, what an event! So much was accomplished, 1st webcast internationally, Tiki Royalty connecting again after many years, stories being told about helping build Tonga Hut, more stories of the beginning of TC.

For me as a baby Tiki girl who was technically born in October 2019, it was just an inspirational experience to meet many of you,Hanford, Sven, Grog, Polynesiac, Kirby, Mad Dog Mike, PenTiki, all the Tiki bars on the webcast Voodoo Shanty UK; Forbidden Island Alameda,CA; Frankie’s Tiki Room Las Vegas,NV; Hidden Idol, Denver,CO; Curayacu Tiki Bar,Lima, Peru; TikiCat,Kansas City, MO and Tonga Hut, North Hollywood, CA.

I was honored to participate in a small way with the webcast from Tonga Hut. Cheers to TC and the next anniversary celebration!

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