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Tonga Hut's Tiki Central 20th Anniv. Cocktails & Appetizers Party!

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Murph posted on Sun, Jan 5, 2020 7:46 PM

The Internet's Original Tiki Site
Join in celebrating 20 years of Tiki Central!
Tiki Central was created in January 2000 as a forum for celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop culture. Originally a Yahoo! newsgroup, the site has now grown to become the indispensable online resource for tiki information and research, cocktail recipes, event listings, and the work of talented artists. Come celebrate its 20th Anniversary, in conjunction with simultaneous parties across the globe, and toast the milestone with Tiki Central’s official drink, the Reverb Crash, created by Ran Mosessco (kick_the_reverb)!
Saturday Jan. 11 2-5pm
Bring an Appetizer to share! NO COVER

Murph posted on Sun, Jan 5, 2020 7:49 PM

In the tradition of the TC Home Bar Get Togethers
everyone is encouraged to Bring an Appetizer to share!

Murph posted on Sun, Jan 5, 2020 9:03 PM



Ugh, right as I mentioned I wanted to attend in another thread, just checked my schedule and the wife works a night shift so alas I'm home w/the kids and puppies. :( Have fun!

I love that this happening at all these different locations! :) Good idea, guys!


Aloha Tonga Hut! Count me in. Bringing an appetizer and lots of fun. Looking forward to seeing every one. :drink: :music: :D Cheers & Happy 20th Birthday Tiki Central!!

Aloha Mele Ipo!!
What appetizer are you bringing?

I can’t wait for the event....gonna be fun to connect with everyone!!


Aloha PineappleWhip! I am bringing a brie cheese appetizer with jam....It will taste great with the amazing cocktails we are going to experience. :music: :tiki: :)

We have a lot happening Saturday, but we are going to do our best to make it. Now I have to think of an appetizer to bring.

Reverb Crash...I'm in


Rincon Trading Post will attempt to trek from the deep swamps of Ventura County..........maybe with something sweet & hot!

Yes. Yes, I do think I will.

Cheers, TC.




We have an event earlier in the day, but we'll make it over to the Hut as soon as we can!

Happy Birthday Tiki Central!!!

GROG posted on Sat, Jan 11, 2020 1:37 AM

GROG on way.

Great seeing everyone! Can't believe it 20 years!!

Murph!!! Thank you so much for organizing this-it was a blast and it was great to reconnect with many TC friends and meet some new ohana!

Tonga hut looks great too!!! I haven’t been there in a few years!!!


I kinda don't know what to say... we got to Tonga Hut very late in the event, not knowing what to expect... hoping the word got out to Tiki Central Ohana... and we were absolutely blown away by the turn out...

The place was packed!

It was wall to wall Tiki Central Ohana... Great friends, from way back, people we hadn't seen in years, and all together again... and great new friends recently met, everyone coming together to celebrate what brought us together and what fostered this community in the first place.

And there was Spencer, slaving away keeping all the feeds going, connecting Ohana to all the participating venues!

Mucho Mahalos to Spencer (Pineapple Whip) for organizing this amazing, momentous occasion!

And Mahalo to Murph, Marie, Ian and all the rest of the Tonga Hut Ohana for hosting their portion of the event at their venue!

Here's to 20 more years... heck, 200 more years of Tiki Central!


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GROG posted on Sun, Jan 12, 2020 11:46 PM

Awesome turnout and a fun time. GROG really enjoy seeing old friends like Polynesiac, Kirby and so many others, and meeting new ones like Pineapple whip. Thanks Murph and the Tonga Hut crew for a great time.

On 2020-01-12 23:46, GROG wrote:
Awesome turnout and a fun time. GROG really enjoy seeing old friends like Polynesiac, Kirby and so many others, and meeting new ones like Pineapple whip. Thanks Murph and the Tonga Hut crew for a great time.

It was really great to meet you, and Polynesiac. Sorry... I wanted to talk more, but, I was trying to operate the video feeds from the other bars.

Murph and Marie, and all the Tonga Hut crew did an amazing job, and thank you very much for the opportunity, and the celebration !!

Cheers!! :drink:


Aloha All,

All I can say is, what an event! So much was accomplished, 1st webcast internationally, Tiki Royalty connecting again after many years, stories being told about helping build Tonga Hut, more stories of the beginning of TC.

For me as a baby Tiki girl who was technically born in October 2019, it was just an inspirational experience to meet many of you,Hanford, Sven, Grog, Polynesiac, Kirby, Mad Dog Mike, PenTiki, all the Tiki bars on the webcast Voodoo Shanty UK; Forbidden Island Alameda,CA; Frankie’s Tiki Room Las Vegas,NV; Hidden Idol, Denver,CO; Curayacu Tiki Bar,Lima, Peru; TikiCat,Kansas City, MO and Tonga Hut, North Hollywood, CA.

I was honored to participate in a small way with the webcast from Tonga Hut. Cheers to TC and the next anniversary celebration!

:tiki: :music: :drink:

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