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Georgia Estate Sale Tiki Extravaganza Feb. 13th

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On 2020-02-06 10:06, mikehooker wrote:
I don't think you're missing much. The majority of these mugs were made in the last few years and the vintage ones are pretty generic. Prices appear to be at or slightly below market value. I imagine 80-90% of the collection will still be available after the sale runs its course, unless they do a 50% or 75% off sale on the last day.

Thanks Mike. I don't mean to spam the forum with modern kitsch. I have some work to do to get up to speed on what's what when in comes to mug collecting. I'm viewing eBay sold listings and trying to navigate my way through the collecting forum to see what TC members consider the holy grails of Tiki mug collecting. And like you say, final hour of the final day of that sale, they might be blowing those things out the door.