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Post #801727 by MadDogMike on Tue, Mar 15, 2022 12:17 PM

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We started this Swap and then the Tiki Central world was plunged into darkness. We finished up the Swap on Facebook with 19 Swap participants

2020 ArtSwap1a Queen Kamehameha (above) swapped with LoriLovesTiki (below) 2020 Artswap1b

2020 Artswap2a Hang10Tiki (above) swapped with Cy (below) 2020 artswap2b

2020 artswap3a Caren Marin-Siliera (above) swapped with Mieko (below) 2020 artswap3b

2020 artswap4a AlohaStation (above) swapped with TikiAno (below) 2020 artswap4b

2020 artswap5a TU (above) swapped with David Ray (below) 2020 artswap5b

2020 Artswap6a Anthony Maye (above) swapped with MadDogMike (below) 2020 artswap6b

2020 artswap7a TikiDaye (above) swapped with Lucky the Pain Proof Man (below) 2020 artswap7b

2020 Artswap8a John Mumford (above) swapped with TikiG (below) 2020 artswap8b

And finally, in a 3 way swap - 2020 Artswap9a John Markovich (above) sent to SewTiki (below) 2020 Artswap9b SewTiki (above) sent to DanLovesTikis (below) who sent to John Markovich 2020 artswap9c