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Here are some incandescent light bulbs I often use and just heard the other day these are also going to be fazed out by 2023. This will surly save the world but till that time get all you can I say.

Christmas without C9s I don't even want to live in that world.

"What about LEDs they are so much better", I just don't like em. Might be the stubborn old guy in me or the three to four times the cost of them, maybe it's the blueish cast the regular LED bulbs give out.

"Sure they cost more but they last longer" do they now, I was made to change the sockets and bulbs to LED bulbs on a few lights I sold to a place here and those lights looked fine after ( had to buy the even more costly antique looking LED bulbs) BUT my wife and I went into the place like three months after I sold them those lights and one light was out. And both those bulbs were brand new, heck they even just came out with the antique LEDs.

How could this be those LEDs last forever! AND the guy said he just changed the other LED bulb the day before!

So here is what they may have left out of the tests on these LED bulbs to get the results they wanted. Power outages, when I work at OSU changing light bulbs and then later on the High voltage crew I found that after a power outage the lights would be blown out all over campus.

Working on the High voltage crew later when installing surge arrestors on High voltage switch gears I was told that when you throw the switch on after you fix that power outage a surge of power goes down the power line.

These arrestors would take that surge to ground to save the switch gear. I never did find out if the lights on campus did not blow out as much after a power outage after we put in the surge arrestors, cuz hey I was no longer changing light bulbs and ballasts.

It did help the save the switch gear, and we got less overtime due to blowouts.

You get the same surge with lightning strikes only more so.

Only wish I could live long enough to hear these new whippersnappers gripe when they get rid of LEDs they now like so well for some other new light.

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So after you remove the broken ribs you then replace them with new Pieces of rattan seen here.

TIKISKIP Lights___ I wanna bite the hand that feeds me. I wanna bite that hand so badly.

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