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This dragon lamp got me digging more which just muddied the waters.

The dragon lamp totally looks like it was carved by the same folks. And the ask is $500+ ... which is not a final sale price, but is interesting.

So I find this on eBay, too... which looks very similar. https://www.ebay.com/itm/325083789716?autorefresh=true ... with an asking price of $1400.

But then I find this: https://www.carousell.sg/p/lamp-stand-kashmir-walnut-wood-hand-carved-274455396/ Asking price is $60, and I see some other references to these "Kashmir Walnut" lamps (https://www.varagesale.com/i/c6m7y7w4-hand-carved-kashmir-walnut-floor-lamp) that appear to be carved in a very similar manner, in India, and are not very expensive (because I assume cheap labor is involved).

Or maybe it is antique Indian carving and really worth $1400... https://www.sellingantiques.co.uk/463957/early-c20th-pair-indian-carved-walnut-table-lamps/

So maybe the lamp could be worth a lot, or a lot less than the price. Which makes it hard to commit to. It is cool looking.

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