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What would you pay?

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Tiki stuff doesn't show up in Vermont often. This Tiki-adjacent lamp showed up recently. I feel like I can't justify the $125 but honestly I have 0 idea what the thing is worth. The guy is offering to meet me nearby which is helpful because he lives about an hour south of me, but he's coming to Burlington for something.

I feel like despite it being African style it would fit well in my future Tiki bar.



I would rather have a 4” diameter by 5’ tall bamboo pole stuck in a bucket of cement with a light bulb at the top and a nice wicker or tapa lamp shade and then spend the remaining $100.00 on RUM…but that’s just me.

On second thought, $60.00 on RUM and $40.00 on CIGARS…

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Tiki always had African influences, don't forget the globetrotter/trader style. Vic's places had African masks all over. Personally, over $100 is a bit much for something tiki-adjacent, but if you think you can make it work, go for it. It's not obviously African in the way some carvings from after the 70s seem to be, so it could blend well with the right lampshade.


There is a carved floor lamp that looks like it was made by the same outfit. It has been on eBay for three years now and selling for six to eight hundred dollars90D23AF5-9239-44A5-AE0D-8C8E5AAA94D7

I always think long and hard when the price trips beyond $100, especially with tiki-adjacent items. That said, I'm impressed by that lamp. It's not obviously African--gives a broadly tropical vibe--and I could see it working in most tiki spaces without a second thought. Assuming that it is indeed hand-carved and in working order, that's probably a good deal.

Of course, I have passed up quite a few good deals in my time simply because they didn't fit within my particular aesthetic. You have to decide if it works for you, because I seriously doubt anyone is ever going to call you out for having this lamp in your eventual tiki space.

This dragon lamp got me digging more which just muddied the waters.

The dragon lamp totally looks like it was carved by the same folks. And the ask is $500+ ... which is not a final sale price, but is interesting.

So I find this on eBay, too... which looks very similar. https://www.ebay.com/itm/325083789716?autorefresh=true ... with an asking price of $1400.

But then I find this: https://www.carousell.sg/p/lamp-stand-kashmir-walnut-wood-hand-carved-274455396/ Asking price is $60, and I see some other references to these "Kashmir Walnut" lamps (https://www.varagesale.com/i/c6m7y7w4-hand-carved-kashmir-walnut-floor-lamp) that appear to be carved in a very similar manner, in India, and are not very expensive (because I assume cheap labor is involved).

Or maybe it is antique Indian carving and really worth $1400... https://www.sellingantiques.co.uk/463957/early-c20th-pair-indian-carved-walnut-table-lamps/

So maybe the lamp could be worth a lot, or a lot less than the price. Which makes it hard to commit to. It is cool looking.

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I agree it is not obviously any particular theme ... I see jungle, animals, a hunter... an elephant. But that could be in Asia as well as Africa.


We all in the beginning of this tiki thing that is when people start collecting tiki. Tiki collectors would buy anything that even came close to tiki, "that's got a ship on it"

How much crap do all have because we wanted to find something so bad, I really feel bad for tiki collectors now as it is that much harder to find tiki unless you were born with tons o cash.

So make it work if you like it, we all did that.

BUT, buy the great stuff when you see it if you can, go deep for the really good stuff. I have only regretted NOT buying the good stuff when I had a chance, but then I got some GREAT finds very cheep too.

You can buy so so stuff too just don't pay a bunch for it.

The thing about that light is can you trust the seller to send you the one in the picture? They have that thing all over for very different prices.

The seller knows you won't send that back if it's wrong.

looks Asian to me, what is the shipping cost? does it have a shade? those can be hard to find, the right one that is.

For me it would need to be lower cost and right in front of me cash and carry so there was no Suprises after you get it.

Once bought a "fish trap" that was 5 inches tall, that guy knew he was rippin me off.

Wanna buy some glasses with whaling ships on them?

Good luck.

The rule that is above all others is “buy what you like and pay what your willing to part with”

Question. What is your definition of 'Tiki adjacent' and why do you think that lamp fits that description?


That is true Trav, but he did ask for an opinion on this item so if ya do that on TC most times you will get lots o opinions.

"What would you pay" Don't think two people would ever see eye to eye on that question.

It is true that something is worth what somebody is willing to pay for it. And buy what you like as well.

Do let us know if you do buy it, and how it turns out though.

That is a good question. I suppose I see any primitive art, and decor, that is not directly Polynesian or maybe very southeast asian, to be Tiki adjacent. But I'm not feeling like that is a hard and fast rule, and I do realize Tiki has drawn influence from all over.

Some things that are more clearly Tiki adjacent are subcultures that overlap with Tiki including for example surfing and rockabilly.


You know I did not go to the link posted but that lamp is a bit different than the pic posted here. There are many different lamps for sale posted here so a bit confusing but the one in the Craigs list sale I would offer him less and see what happens.

ALSO, the stuff from the Kahiki lots of it was from Mexico and to tell the truth I would not buy it had it not been in the Kahiki from the start of the Kahiki. The stuff by itself is not that great but in a mishmash of stuff it worked.

Think of the mug "steve" from Ports-o-Call would you want that if not for being in an old tiki joint, kinda has a clown look more than tiki, one could say. Do have one FYI.

I like headhunter stuff, and lots don't like that, but I do so it's in. Had a chance to buy one don't know if it was real have seen a real one once, but I thought it might have some bad Ju Ju with it so I did not buy it, now kind of wish I had.

I like oddities like sawfish bills and large sea turtle shells whale harpoons, diving helmets stuff like that.

But they aint cheap.

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