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Post #803510 by tikiskip on Fri, May 13, 2022 3:52 PM

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You know I did not go to the link posted but that lamp is a bit different than the pic posted here. There are many different lamps for sale posted here so a bit confusing but the one in the Craigs list sale I would offer him less and see what happens.

ALSO, the stuff from the Kahiki lots of it was from Mexico and to tell the truth I would not buy it had it not been in the Kahiki from the start of the Kahiki. The stuff by itself is not that great but in a mishmash of stuff it worked.

Think of the mug "steve" from Ports-o-Call would you want that if not for being in an old tiki joint, kinda has a clown look more than tiki, one could say. Do have one FYI.

I like headhunter stuff, and lots don't like that, but I do so it's in. Had a chance to buy one don't know if it was real have seen a real one once, but I thought it might have some bad Ju Ju with it so I did not buy it, now kind of wish I had.

I like oddities like sawfish bills and large sea turtle shells whale harpoons, diving helmets stuff like that.

But they aint cheap.