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What would you pay?

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We all in the beginning of this tiki thing that is when people start collecting tiki. Tiki collectors would buy anything that even came close to tiki, "that's got a ship on it"

How much crap do all have because we wanted to find something so bad, I really feel bad for tiki collectors now as it is that much harder to find tiki unless you were born with tons o cash.

So make it work if you like it, we all did that.

BUT, buy the great stuff when you see it if you can, go deep for the really good stuff. I have only regretted NOT buying the good stuff when I had a chance, but then I got some GREAT finds very cheep too.

You can buy so so stuff too just don't pay a bunch for it.

The thing about that light is can you trust the seller to send you the one in the picture? They have that thing all over for very different prices.

The seller knows you won't send that back if it's wrong.

looks Asian to me, what is the shipping cost? does it have a shade? those can be hard to find, the right one that is.

For me it would need to be lower cost and right in front of me cash and carry so there was no Suprises after you get it.

Once bought a "fish trap" that was 5 inches tall, that guy knew he was rippin me off.

Wanna buy some glasses with whaling ships on them?

Good luck.