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Electric cars?

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So, Texas is electric car companies are sending mess ages to people with electric cars in Texas that say not to recharge your cars between the hours of 3:00 and 8:00 in the evening!

So, like what if you are on a trip no charge till later?

This is due to the hot weather they are having right now and the electric grid can't handle the demand for electricity. 7/16/22

BUT get this Texas has only 0.24 percent of the cars in Texas that are electric! That's only 52 thousand cars!

What the heck will they do when it gets to even half of the cars being electric? That small amount is shutting down the grid?

Well, they will put up more wind turbines.

I once heard a guy say "Turbines are great as the wind energy is free"

Here is how free wind energy is, the turbine costs 3.8 million to build/install each one, the Maintenace is around 43 thousand a year on each wind turbine and I don't know if the rent for the ground the wind turbine sits on is included in that Maintenace number or not but there is rent on each one.

Each wind turbine needs 1.5 acres of land.

And could farmers say F*ck farming I will just sit here and collect rent instead without all that labor farming.

Between pot and wind turbines what farmer in America is going to choose to grow Potato's instead of these two easy money ways to use their land.

Have you seen these wind farms many they are HUGE and go on forever, now when you see them just think of the cost of each one of those turbines.

They say the life span of a turbine is 20 years but have also said it is more like ten or fifteen years and that is if some bad weather does not kill it sooner.