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Electric cars?

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Forget where this came up on TC but the electric car needs SOME kind of power to run.
And if you get an electric car to save the earth from the emissions of a gas car think about this.
Electricity is often made by coal, also under attack, but coal has it own emissions.

AND if you get a hybrid car to try to get away from being under the thumb of some other nation, the day we have a car that runs on one gallon of gas is the day gas goes up to $30.00 dollars a gallon.

Professors and universities get paid to do studies on things, and the kind of studies that bring in the most dollars are studies that talk of doom and gloom.
Nobody pays to hear all is well, and there is no money in that anyway.

And if you think that wind and solar, hydro is going to provide enough power for all our cars think again.

"drain and the electric vehicle
If the demand for electric vehicles continues its expected rise, power grid losses and brown-outs could become the new norm by 2020 as drivers increasingly charge up for travel. In new research, Ohio State electrical and computer engineers call for an "urgent need" to expand public EV charging stations nationwide, while simultaneously prepping power grid infrastructure to handle the added stress. Assistant Professor Jiankang Wang, with students JongChan Choi (left) and Danielle Meyer, published their solution in the latest IEEE Xplore"


With electric cars you will need a lot more batteries these too are hazardous to environment.

Why are they hazardous?

As indicated above, rechargeable batteries contain numerous chemicals such as nickel, cadmium, and lead. If thrown in the trash, these chemicals can contaminate surface and groundwater supplies.

In California, the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Act requires all retailers that sell rechargeable batteries to take them back and recycle them (a great example of product stewardship). If you notice that a store doesn't seem to be participating, don't be afraid to remind the staff about the law! You could also contact us to let us know!

Automotive Batteries

Vehicle batteries are wet-cell batteries. They are most commonly lead-acid in their chemistry type. Both lead and acid (sulfuric acid) are hazardous, so be sure to handle old batteries with care.

In addition to the collection sites listed below, many auto parts stores and service centers will recycle your old battery when you purchase a new one (a great example of product stewardship). Call ahead to confirm.


So you may have seen that there were protests in France over a 23% rise in gas prices.
What does that have to do with Electric cars? 11/18/2018

At a university they had a presentation about the new "Smart City" BS going to happen here in ol Ohio.
Well these Professors were talking about how Norway had WAY more Electric cars on the road than America.

Well here's how they did it, they gave free parking to the people with electric cars and had no taxes to buy the cars plus other incentives to buy them.
AND gas running cars were Taxed higher and they get this RASIED THE PRICE OF GAS and the taxes on gas.

So your electric car runs on some gas some of the time that gas will cost lots more I can tell you that.

With LOTS more cars being electric you are going to need LOTS more electric to be generated, man they think it will shut down the power grid!
And that comes from the Professors who love this whole "Smart City" crap.

One more thing this university did was send a questioner to some people and it asked "Would you be ok with a one hour brown out per week and what would you pay to avoid this brown out?"
It went on to add longer outage times and ask what you would pay to avoid this.

Damn people, do you know of this?
You heard it here first, Ohio is going to have many problems from this "Smart City" crap we "WON" so watch for the Mayhem.

But then you may not even see or hear of it as you did not know about this in the first place.

And most people in Ohio know very little about the whole "Smart City" thing as well.

I know a lot of dumb Professors people, don't just take their word on this stuff.
Why do you think they are sneaking this stuff in?

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Wanted to post this so we don't forget.
Also saw a price of $1.70 a gallon! (2/7/2019)

I predict a price of over four dollars in about three years.
If not then, in six and a half years for sure.

Damn I can remember prices in the 70 cents range. But I still could not afford to fill my tank.
Boy that 73 Grand Prix could burn gas!

Our gas in California is DOWN to $2.99 now, it was up to about $3.60 this time.

The deal of taxing the gas cars to incentivise electric cars is happening here with the solar panels. Solar panel buyers get a tax break (which the other tax payer pay for). Then they sell their spare power back to the utility at retail price. That would be like raising chickens and selling your excess eggs to the store at retail, not wholesale. The utility is mandated by the government to do this even though they lose money on the deal and guess who pays for it? The other utility rate payers.


Thanks for adding that Mike.
It may be a unpopular view but in order for stupid expensive stuff like this to be put over on people the people need to stay stupid and buy the stupid plans they force on us.

I think they said that the solar panels you are forced to have on homes in California add a lot to the price of every new home, It's tens of thousands.

Now what happens when they say you must retro fit every home to solar panels?
That will be next for you guys.
Many don't have Tens of thousands to plop down for that and the up side of the free electricity will take many years to make you whole if ever.

BUT "it will add to the price of your home" Yes it will and at the same time raise your property taxes, and put home ownership out of reach for even more young people.

Did you guys get Harley Edwin Rouda, Jr I went to school with that guy his dad started HER relator here in Upper Arlington and they lived the most Republican life, he was never that smart a guy when I knew of him. silver spoon for sure.

Good luck with that guy.

Always thought it was funny the people in Upper Arlington saying they are for the "little guy" Yeah right just as long as he does not live next door, heck the little guy only ever came over to cut their grass or clean their house.

Get "woke" America.

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agenda 21.


This is just one thing I found on that....

"Agenda 21" -- which, according to the UN's own website, is a "comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations system, governments and major groups, in every area in which human impacts on the environment."

Don't really feel the United Nations has the best interest of USA in mind.
It will take ALL of the nations to bring change though.

The UN would have a death grip on everything we do.

Just don't want to see initiatives that help the problem funded by the USA mostly, with big shots at the top getting huge salary's to save us all.

(Solyndra that was awesome)

Many of the conferences were held in Brazil and Africa places so dirty that if you fall in the waters you need to go to the hospital.
Heck they were afraid to have the Olympics and had to do major clean ups just to do so.

"Jun 30, 2016 - Rio's waters were found to contain viruses up to 1.7 million more times hazardous than a beach in the U.S. The problem is not just sewage. It's also trash, tons of it, floating in the bay. ... Oceanographer David Zee said the Brazilian government promised to install eight treatment plants on Rio's polluted rivers."

Those are the people heading that thing up?
They should clean up their own areas and then talk to us about the cleaning up the world.


Just saw where tobacco use is UP in young people 80% between the years 2016 and 2017 now we out lawed smoking indoors and also raised the age to smoke to 21 all this at a time when we want to legalize pot.

I don't smoke, anything.
But we did have a restaurant that had many smokers so it did effect me in that way, and I must say I don't miss smelling like smoke.

BUT with that said this is exactly what I feel electric cars will do.
We will go off of gas to electric cars and find that the emissions are as bad or worse and all this after spending a ton of money.

Remember we reduced cigarette smoking only to increase Vaping a LOT and vaping has nicotine as well.

We still don't know if wind farms are that economical after all, what is the life span and the up keep costs of a wind turbine?
What does a hurricane do to a wind farm, bet that's not pretty.

I do know it seams to be much more windy in Ohio, Do wind farms effect the weather?
And why would they not effect the weather after all the wind is what carries the weather and storms around.

Does any of you know what a wind farm does to the currents?
A. speeds it up
B. slows it down
C. it stays the same

They are said to increase tepms at night.


THIS is what you will get.
The thing that our leaders do best, piss away our money trying to save us all.

All I ask is that we all look at the good and bad sides of these plans that are so costly and ask will this really help the situation.

California governor abandons $77 billion high-speed train between LA and San Francisco

The project has ballooned to $77 billion.
Newsom, though, said he wants to finish construction already underway on a segment of the high-speed train through the Central Valley. The project would connect a 119-mile stretch from Merced to Bakersfield.
“I know that some critics are going to say, ‘Well, that’s a train to nowhere.’ But I think that’s wrong and I think that’s offensive,” Newsom said. “It’s about economic transformation. It’s about unlocking the enormous potential of the Valley.”

Rushed construction and poor management cost the rail authority $600 million in budget overruns, according to the audit.

It could cost another $1.6 billion to complete Central Valley segments alone, Howle's report found. That would bring the total for the initial track to $10.6 billion, about 75 percent higher than the original $6 billion estimate.

Those little electric cars had a hard go of it during the last polar vortex here in Michigan. Apparently the subzero temps cut the battery life in half. They also have zero ground clearance so I had to go around many stuck in the foot of snow that fell in one night earlier this week. I care about the environment but a twenty mile driving range and being stuck in the snow won’t get me to work to pay the bills.

we were supposed to have Jet Packs by now!!! >:( >:(


On 2019-02-15 05:10, Johnny Dollar wrote:
we were supposed to have Jet Packs by now!!! >:( >:(

Actually by now we are supposed to have run out of gas altogether in fact we should have run out of gas by the year 2000 from what we were told as kids in the 1970s.
Remember the turn out the lights stickers on every light switch and that stupid ecology flag.

uncle trav I have NEVER heard that!
Why? Why would they not tell people that?

THAT is the problem with these new progressive ideas they hide any bit of bad news, damn show us the bad and the good, fix the bad and if it's unfixable then dump that idea and move on.

Instead they pour tons of money into the idea until people just will not go for it and then dump that idea.

I still feel that the led lights are not as long lasting as they say they are, we still have no led lights in our house have been able to buy the old incandescent lights.

Hate the light put out by the led lights.

Subterranean, that is part of the answer to saving energy.
Until they do that they are not serious about saving energy.

Plus a holding tank in your house for water before it goes to the hot water tank would save energy as it would be at room temp before you spend energy to heat it.


This is what I grew up with in 1970s.

Still true today....

George Carlin - Saving the Planet


So today 2/21/2019 they said they wanted to raise gas tax by 18 cents this would make Ohio 5th highest gas tax in the nation.

NOW they said it was for fixing the roads and bridges ect, but remember Norway put so many taxes on gas cars to push people into the electric cars.

Lets wait and see how many taxes they can pile onto the gas car.

AND the electric car uses the roads are the prices for the electric cars refill going up?
What is the tax on electric cars refill?

Or are they getting ahead of the problem so they can have more of the gas cars pay for the road repairs before they push us into electric cars.


So it came to me that they do not have a tax on electric cars as they do on gas cars.
In fact they give you tax breaks for buying an electric car.

With gas cars and trucks they tax gas in order to pay in part for maintaining the roads and bridges ect.

Well as far as I can tell they have no tax on the fill ups of electric cars so when does that get addressed?

Also has the few electric cars already sold in Ohio contributed to the lower revenues from gas taxes that they say is the reason for needing to raise the tax on gas?

In the future when they force us to buy only electric cars (it's coming just a matter of time) are we going to see the costs for the electric cars go up and bring the cost of running a electric car the same as a gas car.
They are going to need to shift the tax on gas to a tax on electric cars to replace the gas tax money somehow.

Remember in twelve years from like six months ago the world is going to have grave consequences if we don't take drastic measures right now Sept/2018.

That is such a popular statement right now, Remember it.

In twelve years there will be some other BS problem they are going to save us from.

African killer bees? not killing at this time, Pit bulls not biting at this time.
Heck you don't even hear about Aids that much anymore.


My wife is a title clerk at a car dealership here in Michigan. She informed me that there is a hefty up charge on the plate for a new electric car beyond the cost of a normal car plate. An extra charge is also added for a plate renewal on electric cars. Some electric car owners get mad about the charge but it is supposed to help pay for upkeep for the roads they drive on with the rest of us. Our roads look like bombed out runways all the time so I don’t know if it is helping or not.


Well that's good to know.
I wonder if that up charge is going to be enough to fill the loss of gas taxes.

See this is the kind of stuff you don't hear about when they are trying to get you to like the idea of the electric cars.

I also heard that the charging stations can cost thousands of dollars to install in your home.


Well the push is on, Michigan now wants to raise their gas tax by four times what it is now!

That would make the tax on gas per gallon in Michigan 45 cents!
I tell you this is going to sweep the nation and all states will be doing this.

They are being slick about it and not saying it's tied to the electric cars and the push to get rid of gas cars as they don't want us to get pissed about the electric cars being forced on us.

Remember back in 2018-11-18 7:49 pm we found out this....
So look for it, they are going to put more of this type of stuff out there to force us into what they think is best.

"At a university they had a presentation about the new "Smart City" BS going to happen here in ol Ohio.
Well these Professors were talking about how Norway had WAY more Electric cars on the road than America.

Well here's how they did it, they gave free parking to the people with electric cars and had no taxes to buy the cars plus other incentives to buy them.
AND gas running cars were Taxed higher and they get this RASIED THE PRICE OF GAS and the taxes on gas."


This just in, in Norway they have just sold 58% electric cars out selling the gas cars for the first time.4/2/2019
Now they say in Norway by 2025 they will require Only electric cars to be sold.
ONLY electric cars!

Damn I hate being forced into doing what somebody else thinks is right.

BUT think of this some car are hybrid and use some gas at times AND all that other stuff that runs on gas like mowers and bull dozers and planes so many other things.
Well if way less cars run on gas how many places will there be that still sell gas with demand so low?

Would guess not many.

It's coming and it won't be pretty for some time after it does.

It's not like Solyndra where you can go "oh well that didn't work"
"Four Failures. The failure of four companies has cost about $780 million. Solyndra burned through $528 million of a $535 million loan guarantee before filing a bankruptcy plan approved in October 2012.Nov 12, 2014"

But then many of us that are reading this won't be here to see it.


Remember the reason for the riots in France are over gas taxes raised to force people not to use gas.
These riots still are going on today almost six months later. 4/2/2019


Chicago Tribune
"The single most effective weapon in the fight against climate change is the tax code - imposing costs on those who emit greenhouse gases, economists say. But as French President Emmanuel Macron learned over the past three weeks, implementing such taxes can be politically explosive.

On Tuesday, France delayed for six months a plan to raise already steep taxes on diesel fuel by 24 cents a gallon and gasoline by about 12 cents a gallon. Macron argued that the taxes were needed to curb climate change by weaning motorists off petroleum products, but violent demonstrations in the streets of Paris and other French cities forced him to backtrack - at least for now."

"In the United States - where energy-related taxes are among the lowest in the developed world - politicians, their constituents and their donors have repeatedly made that clear."


So the Ohio gas tax just went up 10 cents a gallon to 38 cents.

Now get this people are driving five miles or more to save money going to states with lower gas taxes.

So this is just one of the things you never think of when you do a certain thing, to every action there is a reaction.

"The Pennsylvania legislature authorized a series of gasoline tax increases in 2013, also to fund infrastructure improvements. The taxes topped off at a hefty 58.7 cents a gallon in 2017. It’s the highest state gas tax in the nation.

Resulting high gas prices regularly send Erie area drivers into Ohio to tank up. Gas in Conneaut, Ohio, just across the Erie County line, can be as much as 50 cents a gallon cheaper."

More needless driving, more gas emissions, what a waste.

And here is a story that may be the reason for the tax hikes, electric cars.
See they don't tell you the whole story till it's too late and we are all stuck with the change.
When gas cars are gone that savings you get from an electric car will be eaten up by the taxes they will have to put on your electric car to make up for the loss of gas tax.

"Gas taxes are rising because Americans are driving more fuel-efficient cars"


Sooo now there have been 127 complaints about how the Tesla electric cars can accelerate all by themselves while you are driving down the road.
There have been 110 accidents caused by this.

So what happens if we switch over and all the cars on the road are electric, and even more so if those electric cars are guided by autonomous driving and what new f-ed up problems will autonomous driving cars bring?

We were at a grocery store before thanksgiving and the computers went down so they could only take cash for payment.
WOW, you never saw such a mess!

So what happens when the autonomous driving cars main frame goes down, do you think they will just never fail or have problems?

Computers are great and all but then that is what downed those 737s, computers that the Pilots did not override to save themselves.

Bet the people who lost loved ones on those planes are not so keen about autonomous driving cars.

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"My wife is a title clerk at a car dealership here in Michigan. She informed me that there is a hefty up charge on the plate for a new electric car beyond the cost of a normal car plate. An extra charge is also added for a plate renewal on electric cars."

Was at the good ol Windward Passage and this lady was complaining about the extra $100.00 dollars they charged her for her plate renewal on her hybrid electric car.

I was trying to tell her that is a low number as it will have to go up as they lose gas tax revenue.
She did not really listen but she will most likely be dead before the s%^t hits the fan.

Wonder if the full electric cars pay more.
They are just winging it for now but once the real numbers come in they will have to get more serious about the taxes on these cars, that and they are trying to woo you into buying an electric car by not showing you any of the draw backs.

In the Iowa caucus the new app that was to help with counting the votes totally messed that up, in New Hampshire they did it the old way with pencils and they got it right.
See the new high tech ways are not always the best, an electric problem is one of the hardest things to fix on your car.

Glad I will be dead before they force us into mostly electric cars.


So Ohio is the "winner" of the smart city govt thing, most people here don't know a thing about it or that we "won".

But it will increase the electric cars here with what they call "incentives" that in govt talk is taxes.
They will put more taxes on gas cars and less taxes on Electric cars for now, that will have to change later and electric cars will need to pay more.

BUT along with that is they want to move in one million people in five years, one of those years has passed and they are building EVERYWHERE.
Places that were nice old neighborhoods are being torn down along with the nice big trees that were once there and huge multi units are going in those spots.

That's one of the problems with those huge wind farms and solar panel fields they need to cut down all the trees to put them in, trees are a big part of what cleans our air, and heck I like big trees.

Anyway the last state that was infected with this Coronavirus was West Virginia, why is that you say?
The people are all spread out it's very rural by it's nature.
Packing us in like they are not only takes away one of the things that made Columbus good being able to get around town with ease, but also makes it less heathy it appears.

For every action there is a reaction, and I do hope we are looking at the whole picture and not only the viewpoints of some people who make the laws and in many cases just want more tax revenue and power.

Those rising star lawmakers might just be wrong.


Remember this blast from the past. Hit that pretty much on the nose but never thought it would rise this fast.

If everybody switched to electric cars right now there would not be enough electricity generated to power Cars homes businesses.

Plus, it takes about 6 or more months to get an electric car right now.

6/4/2022 national gas average per gallon is $4.71.

Posted on 02/07/2019 Wanted to post this so we don't forget. Also saw a price of $1.70 a gallon! (2/7/2019)

I predict a price of over four dollars in about three years. If not then, in six and a half years for sure.

Damn I can remember prices in the 70 cents range. But I still could not afford to fill my tank. Boy that 73 Grand Prix could burn gas!


Skip, now you've got me missing my '94 4.9L V8 DeVille. I had to give it up in the end simply due to the price of premium, but it was the best car. Got several long-haul trips out of it in absolute luxury. It got good mileage for its day, especially considering the size of the engine, but you could never afford to drive it even around town only on Sunday these days!


This Subaru is the first car that I have ever owned that was not a V-8.

Man that 69 T-bird I had with the suicide doors was awesome.

The new cars just are not that cool, sure they got lots o bells and whistles but damn what happens when that chip goes out or those wires get f-ed up. The new ford Flex we have you can go to turn up the volume and the channel will change, be driving along and the heat will come on in the middle of a 90 degree day.

The voice thing never did work that well, but heck take that to the dealer to get it fixed and they will tell ya it would not do that for us when we checked.

Less bells and whistles, less to go wrong.

Skip, Gas prices here in Cali are $9.00 plus, I heard some places in L.A. it's now over $10.00 per Gallon.

It would be nice if gas was $4 to $5 per gallon, so it's a case of the rest of the country moaning, when it's far worse here.

Edit: I checked for current prices in Cali and looks like there are still places where gas is $6.00 plus, where I live it seems to be at the higher costs, dammit!

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Damn ATP I did know that but then your gas tax is the highest in the USA! Almost 60 cents of your gallon of gas are taxes.

Heck, I remember paying less than that for a gallon of gas.

But again, I don't think that is a mistake they are trying to make gas cars so costly and a pain in the butt to own that you give in and buy an Electric car just like they did in Norway.

Do ya make more in pay to offset the high price of taxes and just everything there?

Think of this, the high price of living in the kind of homes that all the open-minded rich people live in all over really, isn't that a kind of way to keep out the riff raff all those little people they talk about wanting to help but don't have to see in their Neiborhood's restaurants and bars, shops.

Upper Arlington where I grew up is so like that they blab on and on about the little guy but never work with live with or even go to the areas they go to.

Is that outa sight But in my mind? "see I got a sign in my yard that says I care"


Well, it is official gallon of gas national average price is now $5.00!

All time high ever.

Now we all think man can't wait till these prices go back down. Think of this, Vanilla beans used to be kinda costly, but you could still get a large amt for not too much but for some reason they jumped up and were just too costly to buy for me, like over twice the price.

So have been waiting for them to go back down to buy some and that has been over four years I think it is now.

Gas could stay high for a long time. Heck everything could and you know they are not going to retool the smaller packaging they came up with to give you less while ALSO raising the price of things you buy.

Think about that.

Gas Ohio 6/11/2022.... IMG_0941 (2)


So, Texas is electric car companies are sending mess ages to people with electric cars in Texas that say not to recharge your cars between the hours of 3:00 and 8:00 in the evening!

So, like what if you are on a trip no charge till later?

This is due to the hot weather they are having right now and the electric grid can't handle the demand for electricity. 7/16/22

BUT get this Texas has only 0.24 percent of the cars in Texas that are electric! That's only 52 thousand cars!

What the heck will they do when it gets to even half of the cars being electric? That small amount is shutting down the grid?

Well, they will put up more wind turbines.

I once heard a guy say "Turbines are great as the wind energy is free"

Here is how free wind energy is, the turbine costs 3.8 million to build/install each one, the Maintenace is around 43 thousand a year on each wind turbine and I don't know if the rent for the ground the wind turbine sits on is included in that Maintenace number or not but there is rent on each one.

Each wind turbine needs 1.5 acres of land.

And could farmers say F*ck farming I will just sit here and collect rent instead without all that labor farming.

Between pot and wind turbines what farmer in America is going to choose to grow Potato's instead of these two easy money ways to use their land.

Have you seen these wind farms many they are HUGE and go on forever, now when you see them just think of the cost of each one of those turbines.

They say the life span of a turbine is 20 years but have also said it is more like ten or fifteen years and that is if some bad weather does not kill it sooner.

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