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Post #804925 by tikiskip on Sat, Aug 6, 2022 5:25 AM

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That will be a bit hard as far as lights go too.

But there is nothing like a Bosko or a Witco so it could be done as far as carving goes.

And even in lighting there are no resin Moai lights like I see at every new tiki bar these days, I have even made a few light styles that were not in that book as well, so never say never.

Then that was many different carvers/light makers over many years too, and heck they most likely looked at photos of guys in some jungle that did carvings that we will never know/see and copied their work as well.

And jungle guy in their whole life never got paid what they got for some of that stuff, heck one tiki brought in more money than the whole tribe made in a lifetime, think of that.

You can still carve/make lights and put your style into it and make somebody walk up to your carving and say "that's a Bosko you can tell"

That's the day you become more of an artist than a good crafter.

But there is a lot of ideas for lights I want to use from that book.