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Oceanic Arts Godfathers of tiki book.

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So has anybody ordered, bought or got the book Oceanic Arts Godfathers of tiki from Peekaboo gallery? We did place an order and it did say it would be sent in the spring but we have heard nothing about when it will ship.

Did send them an email but got no response to that.

Looks like a cool book hope it comes soon.


I ordered it but I don't believe they're shipping yet. Can't wait for over 500 pages of eye candy. ;-)

They announced a few days ago that they have all the books in hand (after being stuck on the docks) and shipping has begun. We shouldn't have to wait much longer!


Thanx for the info, can't wait!

I received an email notice Saturday that a shipment from Peekaboo Gallery is on its way to me. However, the notice did not make it clear whether it is the OCEANIC ARTS BIG BOOK or the OA Auction Catalog, which I have also ordered. I'm guessing the latter, but timing is such that it could be either.

Pity they're not shipping the two together, because THAT would be a fun unboxing!


How much did the OA Auction Catalog cost? Did not see that one.

That would be a good one too!


I ordered the Godfathers of Tiki book, and I'm excited to hear that they're on the way!!

$85. Not cheap by any means, but certainly less than the OA history book.

Hamo posted on Mon, Apr 11, 2022 8:57 PM

And here's the link with both the standard and signed slipcase editions of Godfathers of Tiki: https://www.peekaboogallery.com/oceanic-arts/

I ordered it in December and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Last update I had was a March 15 email, so thanks for the new info, stolenidol.

Anxiously awaiting mine.

thanx for the info all. I did go and look at the new info on ship dates coming soon.

This post cost me another $100.00 bucks to the Peekaboo people as I got the catalog too.

Here's the deal you get the books, keep the books for a bit sell the books for what you paid or a bit more than what you paid as we saw with the book of Tiki.

But I will keep mine as they look cool.

Somebody needs to film the OA sale as well, love to go to one of those sales and just people watch. The oohs and aahs, crying and gnashing of teeth, people's tiki dreams crushed by a huge trust fund wallet, what fun.

I received two notices from Peekaboo this morning--first, that a package is scheduled for delivery by 8 p.m. this evening, and another that a second package has shipped. I'm guessing that tonight I'll be flipping through the catalog, with Godfathers of Tiki arriving later this week. Will post photos of whichever arrives first.


Got the OA book today, and also the auction book arrived a few days ago. Spectacular! It's really great to see all the work that went into producing these tributes to a deserving subject.

Surprised to see listings in the auction book for 3 aloha shirts we sold on ebay in 2020, all to Peekaboo. That's ok with us - kinda unexpected since the shirts have nothing to do with OA, but cool to see them in there anyway. Nice pics!



Got two notices from Peekaboo as well won't be long. Would guess they are trying to get the auction books out fast as they want people to bid remotely.

Hamo posted on Wed, Apr 13, 2022 7:06 PM

I got an email this morning saying my book had shipped, so I'll be very happy to have it in my hands in a few days.


Make sure it HAS shipped. My notices both led me to think they had shipped but they only were shipping labels made notices, they actually shipped a day or two later.

I now wonder if we will be able to see the sold prices for items in the sale as I would like to record those and put in my book for the auction.

Plus, did they do a slow sell off over the years the stuff I have seen online does not look like it would be everything that one would think was in OA.


Well got the OA sale catalog book. Big fat beautiful pictures man what a reference book for makin tiki.

To me I say buy this book before it's like sold out and on eBay for like way more. Do they do reprintings of auction catalogs?

Hamo posted on Tue, Apr 19, 2022 9:16 PM

My book arrived today. Even the shipping box was decorated:


It is huge, and heavy, and magnificent. Here are a few random pages.







If you don't have a copy yet--YOU. MUST. GET. IT.


Got mine yesterday too.

Man if you don't have this book it's the best!

EYE CANDY galore!

Big color photos if you can only get this book or the OA auction catalog I say get this one, there are pics in the catalog book where you say damn I wish that photo was bigger. And bam there it is bigger in the Godfathers of tiki book!

BUT what a life, what cool stuff they did and made. I would come back as a janitor and sweep the floors at OA just to be there back then.

I know nobody who wrote this book or is in this book so really it is that great.


[ Edited by tikiskip on 2022-04-20 04:52:42 ]

Thank you USPS ! tikibook

What happened to that? It looks like it got wet.

Thankfully my copy, which was forwarded on to me here in Australia, arrived in perfect condition however the catalogue, which another friend will be sending to me, arrived with several dings on it and i wrote to Peekaboo who actually replaced it, BUT, the replacement copy arrived in even worse condition. It's not like it's completely damaged but when you're spending so much on a book (once postage is added and then everything is converted to AUS$ i'm looking at around $200) you want it in pristine condition.

I actually posted about it on Facebook and a lot of people said that their copy arrived damaged also. Most people said that the packaging on the catalogue was no where near as good as the packaging on the history book.

The mailman threw it over the TOP of my security gate and it landed over 5 feet inside, and into my koi pond. It must have bounced once because the plastic shrink wrap was split open and it soaked up all the water.

If anyone works for the Postal Service, please tell them to do better. I have had antique items broken, and I work in a field that requires shipping items and I end up disappointing customers because their items arrive broken. Unfortunately, I cannot choose who our carrier is ☹️

I got my copy yesterday and that book is amazing. I just stare it at and hope that one day a piece of history will land in SC and find it's way to my house.

Fantastic book and well worth the price.


Thanks for the heads up!

We no longer collect tikis, but we still buy tiki related books. This one is right up there with the very best.

I bought the catalog. It will provide me with inspiration of Tiki things to make for the rest of my life


Aloha Station said after going thru the catalog " he realizes he will never do any thing original, ever."


That will be a bit hard as far as lights go too.

But there is nothing like a Bosko or a Witco so it could be done as far as carving goes.

And even in lighting there are no resin Moai lights like I see at every new tiki bar these days, I have even made a few light styles that were not in that book as well, so never say never.

Then that was many different carvers/light makers over many years too, and heck they most likely looked at photos of guys in some jungle that did carvings that we will never know/see and copied their work as well.

And jungle guy in their whole life never got paid what they got for some of that stuff, heck one tiki brought in more money than the whole tribe made in a lifetime, think of that.

You can still carve/make lights and put your style into it and make somebody walk up to your carving and say "that's a Bosko you can tell"

That's the day you become more of an artist than a good crafter.

But there is a lot of ideas for lights I want to use from that book.

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