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Trader Nick's, Pismo Beach, CA (restaurant)

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Well in the time that TC came down with covid in 2020, I decided to make a Facebook page dedicated specifically to Nick's. I spent weeks going through articles archived on Newspaper.com and I think grabbed just about everything published in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.

I also took the names featured in the article captions and attempted to look everybody up on Facebook - some, believe it or not, have accounts. Many haven't read the messages, especially the older folk, but that's to be expected. I was also able to track down former employees toward Nick's demise. A few run their own place along the coast. Alas as of now, no amazing discoveries unearthed like recipes or what have you, and sadly I missed being able to talk to a bar manager by a few years as he has passed on.

Going through the articles I collected, it was obvious how popular the place was with the locals. I was also able to track down the logo history and variations over the years. Hopefully in the near future I can get started with sorting and posting them all (and here, as long as it doesn't spam things up), but life's not been easy since 2020.

Big thanks to Bongofury for sharing some of his collection with me (the awful shirt which I would still love to own!) and passing the page to an Arroyo Grande FB page. A grandson of Nichols reached out to me just to appreciate my dedication and I've debated reaching out to his son via LinkedIn. I believe he specializes in real estate around the area. I did manage to snag 2 business cards off of eBay which is a pretty sweet find. nicks cards