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Mezcal recommendations for Tiki mixing?

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Thanks, this is helpful advice. I've noticed in some write-ups that descriptions might suggest some differences in flavor profile---for example, adjectives like sweet, savory, umami, etc as opposed to smoky, but you are right---nothing like a comprehensive style chart. I might dig around to see if I can find something like that, and if I do I'll report it back here.

I'd love for this to be a new experimentation project, but I'm making a conscious effort to limit the number of mezcal bottles on my bar. I've got dozens of rums, cordials, brandies, and whiskies currently open, so for mezcal I'm looking to stick to no more than two or maybe three selections, all for mixing purposes, and hopefully each representative of a different style or profile. Basically, I'm open to recommendations for bottles that might be a departure from what I currently have.

In the interim I might try cutting with tequila as you suggest and see how that works out. To be clear, I like smoke as an element in cocktails, but I felt my results with this particular bottle of Vida have not produced well balanced drinks.