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Electric cars?

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So, I know this thread is about electric cars, but it also is about America getting off of fossil fuels as that is the reason for the electric car push.

BUT we just got our fuel oil bill our home is heated by oil.

Last time it went up 14% and this time it went up 15% on top of the 14% percent last fill, so that's 30 percent!

So, I get that they are trying to make fossil fuel so costly that we move on to some green energy to run our cars, heat our homes and all the other needs for energy we have day to day.

But what is the replacement? what are they saying we should do to replace all those energy needs?

Looks like there is no plan.

I tell ya I just don't think we could ever get our all of our energy needs met by green power sources that is a huge task.

If we really felt that we must reduce our energy usage, we would be going subterranean and living underground or part way underground as the temp subterranean is always way closer to what we want to be all the time.

Found this out working in manholes year-round at OSU.

We will be cold this winter as we just don't want to pay all that money for heating our house, we could afford it but what about those that can't afford it what do they do?

I do have a lot of what some would call rich friends and some of them are the kind of people that say they are concerned about the poor, but they just don't think it all through, as long as they are warm and they don't feel the inflation they really don't get it.

Global warming or climate change might kill us all in the future, but how many people will the cure kill right now, this winter?

What is the plan to get off of fossil fuels?