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Beyond Tiki, Bilge, and Test / Bilge / Official Holiday Lamprey Thread

Post #806510 by TIKIGIKI on Fri, Nov 18, 2022 10:17 PM

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There is of course another little horror lurking in the ocean that can inflict FAR more damage than the lamprey. I'm referring to what is called the "cookie-cutter" shark. These things are only small but possess nightmarish teeth that inflict a very serious bite....and deep! Three to four centimetres in fact. That's a fair size pellet of flesh! A bloke attempting the Hawaiian Inter-island Swim was attached twice! If these things happened to hit a major artery in say the neck or thigh, you would be in SERIOUS trouble! Looks innocent enough at first. main-qimg-cba315aa75e786365c35f4e0d9d9306b-lq But here's those teeth. main-qimg-807195e7a29d0bc19b5b94c12fc745d0-lq And they are fearless, even taking on the Great White Shark! main-qimg-d345b43663b9ecb4db645bc7350d5c94-lq or a seal. main-qimg-2d6704748bfacb73ffae37999d0b7e8d-lq


I'd take my chances with a lamprey!

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