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Official Holiday Lamprey Thread

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Tikifish owes me $5 Canadian.


On 2004-11-05 12:49, cynfulcynner wrote:

Could you possibly be another Bettie Serveert fan?!?! If you are, then we have a lot to talk about.


Philot posted on Fri, Nov 5, 2004 6:38 PM

uhhhh.... lampreys aren't exactly native to tropical waters, are they? Or is the reason that many of our TC members are here is that they are stranded not just on the mainland, but in the icy wastes of Kadath?

Kono posted on Sat, Nov 6, 2004 6:14 AM


Folks, it has come to my attention the the Offical Holiday Lamprey thread is falling sadly way behind the Official Holiday Baby Deer & Holiday Llama ones, respectively...

Please don't hesitate to show your inverberate Petromyzon Holiday cheer. Alternately, Holiday Lamper Eels are now eligible as well.


Here's an answer to that nagging question;

"Now that I have a Lamprey, what do I do with it?"

Find out here.

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:music: On the twelfth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me...:music: :

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I have read the the Eel Rivers in Northern California were named after the Lamprey. Not exactly tropo, but close enough to the Tonga Room that in theory, you could get a belly full of rum drinks get in a car, head north, and the lamprey's could share your tipple.

Definitely not needed... but yeah, I'll take it there, enjoy.

Happy holidays.


the other day I saw 2 posters, one with a huge tiki on it, the other with a LAMP RAY! I've got my digital camera today, so I'll try to take a picture at lunch time.


How come no holiday snakefish posts?

Snakefish are very nice!

Let's get this important thread back on track, folks....

easter lamprey?

Lamprey Valentine's Day!

Didn't St. Patrick compel the lampreys to leave Ireland?

(You know you've been on TC too long when you have the random thought during the workday of, "Gee, the lamprey discussion has really fallen by the wayside.")


Santa is utilizing our little friend this year as a means to extract individuals "naughty or nice" info.


It's that time of year again!!!


god save Lamprey !

lampreys love resurrecting 2-year-old threads.,.,.,

Who doesn't?

Shower Massage by Lamprey-Pik

Makes a great holiday gift.

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No bones about it!

The sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus)
The sea lamprey doesn't look like a fish at all! In fact, this primitive fish doesn't even have bones. The sea lamprey has a long, slender eel-like body, with a sucker disc mouth. This parasitic fish attaches its mouth onto unsuspecting victims such as lake trout or whitefish, and literally sucks the life out of them! Since its introduction into the Great Lakes in the 1930's, this species has caused many problems for the commercial and recreational fishing industries and some 10 million dollars are spent each year to control them.


Hey, it's trying to suck the life out of that guy!

These things look as bad as those damn bloodworms that will bite you if you're not careful!

So now we have suckers and biters. :lol:

Happy MemoriaLAMPREY Day!

It all makes so much sense now...


Andrew Zimmern samples lamprey in Russia on "Bizarre Foods" (12:40 on the video)


"Next up, the gnarly looking lamprey. They're mud-dwelling predators that feed off the blood of a host fish. Historically, lampreys were a peasant food popularized when Russians couldn't afford anything else. "Supposedly" it helps to pickle them. It's really just a slender little eel so we're going to take out the center bone. I've had a lot of pickled and cured fish in my life - that's just one of the worst I've ever tasted! The lamprey itself has sort of an ammoniated, sort of spoiled flavor that just won't go away no matter how much salt you put on it. And all of the curing that takes place, the pickling that takes place with it leaches all the fat and all the moisture out of the flesh of the fish itself so what's left behind is a very tough, salty, ammoniated piece of nasty fish. One thing I can say definitively about Russian pickled lamprey is... it's NOT good!"

Heath posted on Wed, Feb 27, 2013 8:15 AM

As if you need a reason besides Snooki to avoid New Jersey.

Maybe December 1st should be a lamprey holiday; on that day in 1135 King Henry I of England died from eating too many lampreys

"Henry stopped at St. Denys in the wood of Lions to eat some lampreys, a fish he was very fond of, though they always disagreed with him, and the physicians had often cautioned him against eating them, but he would not listen to their advice. This food mortally chilled the old man's blood and caused a sudden and violent illness against which nature struggled and brought on an acute fever in an effort to resist the worst effects of the disease."

New Hampshire has a Lamprey Appreciation Day the last Saturday in May

bloody hell! i had forgotten all about lamprey!

cheers, King Bushwich the 33rd! (the original King)

LOL I made a polymer clay lamprey to use as a garnish for Zazz Punch271889041_3220916531486781_2370881376973840812_n


Before I joined Tiki Central I never really paid much thought to lampreys....unlike Henry I of England. Sure I knew what they were and what nasty little buggers they are, but apart from their disgusting eating habits that was it. However now I have discovered that the slimy little eels have invaded my very own Tiki Bar! I will instigate control measures immediately! (The "skeletal" items were part of a Halloween gathering, NOT the leftovers of their feasting.) See video HERE:


images (37)

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There is of course another little horror lurking in the ocean that can inflict FAR more damage than the lamprey. I'm referring to what is called the "cookie-cutter" shark. These things are only small but possess nightmarish teeth that inflict a very serious bite....and deep! Three to four centimetres in fact. That's a fair size pellet of flesh! A bloke attempting the Hawaiian Inter-island Swim was attached twice! If these things happened to hit a major artery in say the neck or thigh, you would be in SERIOUS trouble! Looks innocent enough at first. main-qimg-cba315aa75e786365c35f4e0d9d9306b-lq But here's those teeth. main-qimg-807195e7a29d0bc19b5b94c12fc745d0-lq And they are fearless, even taking on the Great White Shark! main-qimg-d345b43663b9ecb4db645bc7350d5c94-lq or a seal. main-qimg-2d6704748bfacb73ffae37999d0b7e8d-lq


I'd take my chances with a lamprey!

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