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KUTZALL BLACK FRIDAY SALES EVENT: Gear not included. The sale kicks off Thursday, 11/24 at 12:00 AM

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Thanks for the reminder, Skip! Your post on this, waaaay back pre-pandemic led me to purchase my first shaping disc. That's a slippery slope, and I blame you for all the money I've thrown at Kutzall since then! If you're new to power carving, their burr kits--either 1/8" for Dremels or 1/4" for die grinders--are a fantastic deal and a great starting point.

That said, I feel compelled to point out that Saburrtooth also has a Black Friday sale event coming up, with 20% off their burrs Nov. 25-28. Head-to-head, I feel the quality of Kutzall burrs is slightly superior to Saburrtooth, but the difference is that Saburrtooth offers a number of burr shapes and styles I've found quite useful that Kutzall does not offer. I think at these price points they are both worthwhile investments, depending on your particular carving needs.