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KUTZALL BLACK FRIDAY SALES EVENT: Gear not included. The sale kicks off Thursday, 11/24 at 12:00 AM

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Damn I could not edit the title of the old post so here is a new one, with a new date.

Sorry boot that.


*KUTZALL BLACK FRIDAY SALES EVENT: Gear not included. The sale kicks off Thursday, 11/24 at 12:00 AM EDT and ends Monday, 11/28 at 11:59 PM EDT.


The sale starts 11/24 and runs through Cyber Monday!


[ Edited by tikiskip on 2022-11-17 15:52:08 ]

Thanks for the reminder, Skip! Your post on this, waaaay back pre-pandemic led me to purchase my first shaping disc. That's a slippery slope, and I blame you for all the money I've thrown at Kutzall since then! If you're new to power carving, their burr kits--either 1/8" for Dremels or 1/4" for die grinders--are a fantastic deal and a great starting point.

That said, I feel compelled to point out that Saburrtooth also has a Black Friday sale event coming up, with 20% off their burrs Nov. 25-28. Head-to-head, I feel the quality of Kutzall burrs is slightly superior to Saburrtooth, but the difference is that Saburrtooth offers a number of burr shapes and styles I've found quite useful that Kutzall does not offer. I think at these price points they are both worthwhile investments, depending on your particular carving needs.



Tried to post here like before Thanksgiving and clicked in the wrong space and poof all gone got so discussed I did not repost.

BUT that Saburrtooth sales and tools looks better, the Kutzall does not have as good a choice of bits it looks like.

And that sale on the "bundles" deal, well that sucks. Here buy this selection of bits some of them you really don't want.

So, what Saburrtooth bits do you have, or like the best?

Next year I'm doing the Saburrtooth sale.

Skip, what led me to Saburrtooth in the first place was their 1/4" shank cylinder burrs--the 1" coarse (green) and the 1" radius end coated (yellow). I use the yellow quite a bit, as the rounded edges of the cylinder allows me to feather the wood removal and hide those crescent cutting scars when I'm trying to get something flat in a confined space. The green cylinder, although end coated, doesn't have that curve and is trickier to work with. I've also got their ball nose coarse cylinder (green, 2"x1/2") and this is really a useful size. I have some Kutzall ball nose burrs, but they're bigger and more aggressive. My next purchase is likely to be one of those concave burrs.

Again, having used both brands, I think Kutzall is slightly better in quality, but Saburrtooth's big advantage is that they're putting out original burr styles that Kutzall isn't. From a practical user's standpoint, both get the job done, are durable and have comparable price points. I know some folks have fierce brand loyalties, but I'm agnostic on that front.

I do agree that Kutzall's increased focus on kits during their sale is off putting. I got their coarse kit last year because that filled a big hole in my burr selection, but everything they offered this year would duplicate something I already had. No thanks.

Saburrtooth also has a mailing list that, if you sign up for it, they'll send a monthly discount code for 25% off that's good for 24 hours. It usually arrives in the final week of the month, no need to wait until Thanksgiving. I've gotten a couple of burrs that way.


Whatever get the job done wins in my book.

And man I am so over Mailing lists and being tracked. I mostly use cash to get away from that BS. Might be no big deal just don't like being followed.

If there is a person right behind me I will step aside and let them go by just to stop them breathing down my neck even.

I know it's odd.

We have tag sales here where they tag all the stuff in the house and sell it do you have those there? They are great for tools, not any tiki but all that other house stuff, those are great!

Tag sale? Like an estate sale? Yes, we do. Alas, the tools (particularly power tools) always seem optimistically priced, although they always seem to sell at the higher prices before second day discounts set in. And I have gotten a few tiki-related items at fantastic prices over the years. Those are super-rare, but because there's not much tiki/tropical in Central Texas, they don't know what it is. I got a big piece of Samoan tapa for $1 once. A filthy, 14" glass fish float (with kanji mark) for $20 that'd sat out in a garden for 30 years. Those are my biggest scores, but more common finds are Hawaiian souvenirs, monkeypod mugs or Coco Joe's figures. Even those are few and far between. The chisels and gouges I see are almost always rusty and I can't justify the effort it'd take to clean them up, not at the estate sale prices I see.

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