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Post #807536 by TIKIGIKI on Sun, Jan 22, 2023 6:14 PM

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Interesting, but I think you are underestimating the use of an electric fence. Before I shifted a neighbour had over ten acres where she agisted horses. She very successfully ran electric fencing just like in the photo above all over the property to strip-graze. Seemed odd because it looked as though the horses could just step over it but they never did.

Funny story. For some unknown reason my body does not really conduct electricity well. This allowed me to hold onto an electric fence with relative impunity. I could feel the shock pulse but it was really nothing more than a slight tingle. As a teenager I'd convince either of my brothers that the fence was not working by holding onto it. Of course when they tried they got the full jolt, ....much to my amusement and their anger!

You do seem to have more than your share of those ground-loving varmints. Luckily you do not have what are here referred to as "flying foxes"...(I call them rats with wings!) Not to be confused with those wonderful little insectivorous micro-bats, these ugly damn aerial marauders are enormous. And they stink! They travel in massive swarms at night and will take a bite out of every piece of fruit you have so lovingly tended. Among other diseases, they also carry at least two deadly viruses communicable to humans in their saliva. Where do you think they got those bat viruses form that Fauci then paid the Chinese to be "gainer functioned? (NOT political, it's true....fact check away!) So no eating even after washing. I had to root out and destroy three wonderfully tropical-looking red papayas that fruited prodigiously, but I never got to eat a single one. I grew up on a rural farm so I know exactly the roller traps you mention. We greased the roller with animal fat and watched the mice try to log roll! Luckily we have neither moles or gophers here. Bandicoots are bad enough with their digging but they don't tunnel.

Your sunflowers are truly magnificent! And that's a very impressive veggie patch too! Well done, ...and despite the raiding fauna. Amazing the lengths we gardeners will go to in pursuit of our passion.

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