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So what did you do to get through the Apocalypse?

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So over two years living, what was before a "Science Fiction" movie genre, we have made it this far, but what did you do, take up or change to get through it all?

Flame Guitar

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For some of us it wasn't our first Apocalypse 😎


Personally I found "The Apocalypse" to be vastly over-rated. All the pre-advertising suggested far more..... I did/changed absolutely nothing, and yet here I remained entirely unaffected in any way at all......

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Everyone's experience was different. US lost less than 1/2% of the population according to statistics.If you didn't lose anyone close, that's not much. A coworker lost his wife and father in the same month, that's a huge percentage of his population.

I work in an ICU. By the time they got to us, they were on their way out and we lost 50-75% of our patients. It was frustrating to work on the same patients day after day knowing they were going to slowly die over the next few weeks and there was nothing you could do about it. Add the frustration of not enough staff and not enough supplies and I just hope that part of my life is over!

Away from work it didn't affect me much. I didn't lose anyone close and we stay home a lot anyway so most of it was business as usual.

My neighbor's son in-law died from Covid and he was in his 40's and relatively good health before he got sick. A friend and his wife got sick EARLY on, before it became a pandemic, and he thought he was going die.

I'm as vaccinated as you can get. Worked from home early on and was careful masking up when I did go out. Haven't gotten sick, knock on wood.


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7AE51721-BF8D-4F44-85C0-CE86AF715873I switched to hunting for arrowheads in the rural cornfields of Michigan. Can’t get much more socially distanced than that.

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And a magnificent collection of finds they are too! Are they flaked obsidian?

No these were made from locally sourced cherts found here in southwest Michigan. The pipe in the center was carved from catlinite and was most likely traded in as raw material from Minnesota. All found in a very small area in one corn field. Thank for taking a look.

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An enviable collection for sure. The stone is quite unusual.

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TIKIGIKI, just as a friendly reminder Tiki Central has a strict no politics rule, believe me I have to bite my lip all the time, but it is a good thing to have one place free of all the political bullshit.

Just to fact check the image you posted it is from the "National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland USA" on December 2, 2014 and was taken from an image on this site:


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Atomic Tiki Punk is correct, please refrain from posting anything political.

I'm going to run these posts past Hanford as he has the most experience with post moderation and rule enforcement.

Here's the rules: https://tikicentral.com/rules.php

Cheers Leevi

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Hey it was just a question, and related to the theme here in BILGE. It's NOT "political" to me at all. Remember I'm not a USA citizen and therefore totally impartial to either side of that particular country's politics. The virus was also completely apolitical. (Didn't care who you voted for and neither do I.) And we had that same virus here in Australia too. The source or just who may have been responsible for it is surely of interest to everyone, no matter what "party" you may hold dear? Anyhow, I stand suitably chastened and defer to the moderators.

I had no intent to cause anyone any offence. I have since removed the post.

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Getting back to the topic at hand, when I wasn't taking care of my wife and daughter, who both endured multiple hospitalizations due to severe, non-COVID related health issues, I spent a lot of time working on natural landscaping with rocks and native plants. Nothing Tiki-themed, just trying to cut down on my lawn care, repel deer, and attract butterflies/bees. As it turned out, I wound up meeting a lot of folks in my neighborhood out walking who stopped and introduced themselves. Since I was getting a lot of questions from them regarding which plants were most effective at keeping Bambi and Thumper from devastating the expensive perennials, I put together a flyer listing everything I'd planted, ranked from most to least effective.

I also drank a lot due to stress, and eventually had to get on the wagon due to it creating a lot of health issues of my own.


Sorry to read of those family problems and your own health issues.

I too am a very keen gardener, and it is a great way to meet people. Although we don't have deer here, there were a few rabbits I've had to deal with, but bandicoots can be a real problem with their digging. They are not really eating the plants, but dig where the soil is wet for worms etc. This of course is where you have just watered your new plantings resulting in devastation.

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That's how those rule breaking issues should be handled.

"Hey, don't do that you are breaking the rules" Person says "I'm sorry" then move on. If a hard head keeps doing it then you up the penalties till person gets it or leaves.

Good job on all sides on this one I say.

As a Respiratory Therapist, my apocalypse experience was different than many others. Our hospital was completely overwhelmed at times. Not enough staff and not enough supplies. At one point I worked 30 something days in a row - mostly 12 hour shifts, some 18 hour shifts and even a few 24 and 36 hour shifts. Go home, strip in the garage, run nekkid thru the house to the shower, and try to get some sleep before the next shift rolls around. The hours worked wasn't so hard to deal with, it was the futility and helplessness of SO MANY sick patients that just didn't respond to any of our treatment. Then you add in the anxiety of "Is today the day I catch Covid and start down the pathway to death?". Seems a little dramatic when overall death rate is less than 1% of the population but I was only seeing the sickest patients, half of the patients I saw died. And of those who died, more than half were younger than I! Then when I finally did catch Covid (in Las Vegas, not at work), I had minimal symptoms - it was kinda anticlimactic LOL All I can say is I'm glad that period of my life is done, I hope it never comes back!

I concur Tikiskip, It looks like TIKIGIKI is a new member on TC and he handled the situation very diplomatically, you and I remember all the old drama and dust-ups in years past that got totally out of hand.

Mike, Man I am glad you got through that nightmare, My Nephew is an ER Doctor who was doing his second year residency in Florida the first two years of the Pandemic, I got almost daily reports of the crazy, scary nightmare it was to work and treat people who refused to believe they even had Covid right up to dying with it, somehow he is still a Doctor, although so many got burned out.

Nancy and I got it right at the beginning of the Pandemic in February of that year, we got pretty sick but did not have to go to the hospital, it lasted for a few weeks and I had symptoms for months, It was basically like getting the worst Flu you could get for us, When the Vaccine was made available we got it right away.

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"you and I remember all the old drama and dust-ups in years past that got totally out of hand."

I think you and I WERE the dust ups that got out of hand, I kid, kind of.

Yeah, we don't want to lose people unless they are total whack jobs.

Man, just went to the ER here at OSU and let me tell ya it's not good, what is going on there is not acceptable all the regular fakers got it down pat and they get in before anybody, so the wait times are 12 and 15 hours!

It may have been good that we left as they might have been wrong in wanting to take out my wife's gallbladder, they would have ripped that thing out with no other tests, and she would STILL have had the same problems she is still having since end of November.

All we got from OSU health care was a cold and a bunch of bills, OSU health care sucks!

The Pandemic was ok as we have a pool lots of land and we just had a few people over not too bad. We still went everywhere that was open and never got Covid, my wife could work from home. Bit hard to see each other all day every day.

You know they are moving people in and stacking people right on top of each other in these four-story housing units with a hundred or more per unit.

That is not good when you have a thing like this pandemic they just want as much tax money as they can get.

Totally F-ing up Upper Arlington, but then that might be the goal.

"you and I remember all the old drama and dust-ups in years past that got totally out of hand."

"I think you and I WERE the dust ups that got out of hand, I kid, kind of."

Truth that, It was Thunderdome a few times.

So continuing on your post about your gardening, I have been tending THESE... Rare Brazilian Worsleya...also called the blue hippeastrum (It's NOT actually a hippeastrum at all.)

meryl worsleya

and this weird Batflower. I think it looks like something Morticia Addams would feed!


and some of my collection of carnivorous pitcher plants....yes they are real but for some reason often cause my guests to break into nervous giggling...???


I'd love to see some of your plants because they would be ones that probably won't grow here in this climate. Gardeners always tend to covert stuff that won't grow in their area! I'd love to grow some of those magnificent peonies, ...but alas.....

[ Edited by TIKIGIKI on 2023-01-16 22:31:57 ]

Thanks for the photos, TIKIGIKI. Maybe we should start a gardening thread in the Beyond Tiki forum?

And those are some very tumescent pitcher plants, I must say. I have a potted one sitting on the kitchen windowsill and have never noticed their resemblance to male naughty bits!

Atomic Tiki Punk Thank you sir.
tikiskip Yes, healthcare is a mess. Reimbursement to hospitals is crappy. The government keeps piling on regulations, the economy piles on supply price increases, demand piles on wage increases and reimbursement doesn't increase. Many hospitals were operating on a 1% profit margin pre Covid. TikiSkip you know that would never work at a restaurant. And now, post Covid, many hospitals are operating at a loss. The hospital in the next town over from me only has enough operating capital to make payroll for the next two weeks then what, bankruptcy? Last week they closed their OB and Peds departments because they were losing more money than the rest of the hospital and send those patients to us. Then people treat the ER like it's their personal doctor's office because they don't need an appointment and they don't have a copay. Plugs up the ERs

TIKIGIKI great pics of great plants! There are a couple of gardening threads that you can add those to. one called Tropical Gardens with Hardy Plants.
and one called Backyard Jungles

[ Edited by MadDogMike on 2023-01-17 10:21:12 ]


Thanks MDM! I wasn't sure just where they should go. Maybe NOT the one trying to make a tropical garden with "hardy" plants though. Much of my garden consists of specifically tropical and subtropical species. NO frost or snow here at all and temperatures remain fairly balmy year round. Greatest threat would be hail in one of our tropical storms. Rare enough thankfully but it is devastating for a garden. I have in fact stood out in a hailstorm holding a large beach umbrella over a particularly valuable and vulnerable specimen! Never mind the lightning, nor the fact that the pole of the umbrella was metal.......



We can't grow flowers for the most part as here we call flowers deer food.

These damn Deer eat everything that is not a weed, and our neighbors just keep putting food out for these deer who are menaces enticing them into our neighborhood.

Deer eat SIX POUNDS of vegetation a day and we have around 15 deer that roam around our area eating and pooping all day like hordes of Zombies.

Deer can eat poison ivy and that means they can eat the poison ivy seeds and plant poison ivy all over your yard and gardens where they eat your flowers.

I just hope one day a deer will crash through somebody's glass window and trash their house as this might be the only way to get them to stop feeding the deer.

A deer has already been found in somebody pool and even impaled on a person's iron fence and had to be shot.

One neighbor feeds the deer and he has them so they will come right up to him, he also kills them in our neighborhood with a bow and puts deer heads on his wall.

Skip, are you sure we aren't neighbors, because this sounds exactly like my 'hood where herds of 12-15 deer stroll through our backyards and gardens every day with no fear of humans whatsoever, eating everything, even the stuff they're not supposed to like.

Our township was planning to hire professional hunters a few years ago to cull the herd, but all of the weepy Bambi lovers showed up at the council meeting and made such a ruckus that the hunt was cancelled. I don't hunt anymore, otherwise I'd buy a permit and take out a few of these cloven-hooved minions of Satan myself.

I have had some success repelling deer with the following plants, many of them native to Wisconsin, but you can never tell how long they'll work. One year, the deer may just decide that they like it and eat it down to the roots.

• Salvia • Prairie Smoke • Astilbe • Snakeroot • Lungwort • Aster • Lamb’s Ear • Turtlehead • Speedwell/Veronica • Phlox • Foxglove • Columbine • Brunella • Spirea • Allium • Black Scallop • Ligularia • Various Ferns • Figwort • Dwarf Goatsbeard • St. John’s Wort • Hyssop • Mountain Mint • Butterfly Weed • Thyme • Prairie Rosinweed • Yarrow • Catmint • Peonies • Mountain Mint • Vervain • Russian Sage • Lemon Balm • Iris

Well I to like to garden also, First project during the pandemic I did was to redo my patio and surrounding planter areas, which were already Tiki and Tropical to start, because this was going to be a safe zone/Outdoor living area for who knew how long, I am in Cali & the only beasts we have deal with is a random Raccoon digging up the garden looking for grubs and drinking from the several fountains I run 24/7, but we are having a problems with rats, It looks like they come from surrounding Apartment complexes and the large trash bins there, They chew up my palms and have chewed large holes in the plastic trash cans the city provides us, despite the fact we use metal trash cans for any food etc. that would attract them, we are at war with the damn rodents, we have done everything we can to mitigate the problem and have less issues then neighbors whom do less, I like animals, but glad we don't have to deal with your Deer issue, did I say I like to Garden too?

ATP: I've said it before and I'll say it again that the natural progression of Punk is:

  1. Prog
  2. Glam
  3. Punk
  4. Industrial
  5. Goth
  6. Lounge
  7. Swing
  8. Exotica
  9. Leadbelly Train Songs
  10. Lou Reed Singing Sea Shanties
  11. Native Plant Gardening

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That made me laugh!

Day of the dove

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TIKIGIKI, Don't you have Klingons in Australia? Blood Wine, I thought Targs are from your neck of the woods? Jih will mi' on your mol, after jih tlhutlh 'iw hiq from your skull, tlhih shall mi' nagh toh!


Well we DO have these things that will cling on....does that count?


And I thought Koala's are supposed to be cute?


Referring back to the problems with animals destroying your gardens, first up I'll say I don't really know your gun laws or the laws on feral animals. (And yes, this probably is a thread high-jack!)

That being said I harbour absolutely NO tolerance of rats whatsoever. They are disease spreading, filthy creatures and I will/have eliminated them ruthlessly. They will devastate any vegetable garden.

Baiting proves very effective here, using the anti-coagulative baits. Do not put the baits out every night because although one feed will kill the rat, it doesn't do so instantly and they will continue to needlessly gorge the "food" (which is expensive here) while ever it's available. Every third/fourth night works best and if the infestation is bad you will have to repeat in about two weeks to get the new generation. Unfortunately in your location this will need to be ongoing but you will certainly reduce the population which sounds out of control at the moment. Sadly, there will ALWAYS be rats. (I have not forgotten your part in The Black Death you filthy little bastards!)

Rabbits here are listed as feral pests and if your property is infested with them you are by law supposed to take some action to get rid of them. Now admittedly this is rarely enforced but there is no prohibition on destroying them. For those who care to look it up Australia was once almost completed turned to desert by a plague of rabbits. They are NOT native, but were imported by the English colonists to be hunted for fun. It got somewhat out of hand. Government sponsored schemes use carrots scattered on the ground containing an approved poison. Does the foxes in too. Another non-native with a devastating effect on our wildlife. (Thanks you red-coated, horse-riding, hound-chasing Pommies for bringing us that pest too!)

Now to those pesky deer. Are they native to your area or feral? (Planting supposed "repellent" plants seems too passive and rarely very effective.) I see footage on the net of Americans hunting deer all the time so it must be legal to kill them? Specially if they are on YOUR property? Many Americans have guns....or bow and arrows? So just put two and two together? (Only the criminals have guns in Australia now, ....thanks to an idiotic ill-conceived anti-gun scheme run by a former Prime Minister some time back!) OR if that makes you squeamish what about using ELECTRIC FENCES? They are cheap to buy here and not costly to run, but deer being short-furred animals, the shock would work very well. And it doesn't kill them. The "fences" work very well here at keeping much larger cattle or horses in check. I'd be giving it a try. Animals very quickly learn to avoid the fences, which are little more than a long piece of tape on very small poles. Hardly intrusive, but highly effective. Something as simple as THIS here could easily surround your garden unobtrusively.


Or maybe get a dog? Sure they might dig, but this can be curbed with proper training but surely they would hunt/frighten any deer away? (Well maybe not a chihuahua, .....something larger perhaps?)

My garden is MY piece of Paradise. I work hard on it, spend lots of money on it, so no four-legged uninvited intruder is about to destroy it!

[ Edited by TIKIGIKI on 2023-01-21 19:54:35 ]


Well we have 1.2 acres so a electric fence would need to be pretty big and would catch a bunch of kids too.

AND we do have a 7-foot fence with electric at the top for our vegi garden need to put more on the bottom as the chip monks and Squirrells still get in.

I have trapped and moved the pests and shot some poisoned the mice used a spray that the deer hate the smell of put-up other types of fencing, chased them away yelling like a madman.

Man you name it we have tried it and we have spent like four hundred bucks a year just to keep these things at bay and that is the best you will ever do is reduce the damage the cause.

Even bought a high-powered pellet gun it does help with the small stuff as it takes em out.

We live in a neighborhood at the edge of some woods that have no homes, so all the pests live in there and come to the neighborhood from there.

SO while you can shoot a gun here because we are a township you can't shoot towards a house with a gun and that is kinda hard, you can't hear my pellet gun but then I shot a skunk at 3:00 in the morning and nobody hear it.

I was even right next to our bedroom outside.

People need to remember that many places are overrun with rats, monkeys and all kind of pests as they don't do something to keep the populations under control.

IMG_0157 147_4720 IMG_4133 IMG_0782 IMG_0695 IMG_0898

[ Edited by tikiskip on 2023-01-22 06:56:07 ]

Love the idea of an electric fence, but all my plants are part of landscaped areas spread across 3/4 acre, so kinda impractical to string it up.

And at the risk of derailing the thread even further into screeds on gardening, pests, and firearms, we are also restricted to shooting downwards in our township to make sure we don't accidentally take someone's eye out or even worse, one of their psychotic yapping little dogs. There's a lady in our 'hood who walks her tiny terrier 5-6x daily, in all weather, and that animal is the most high-strung and vicious little monster I've ever encountered. She has to hold him while he barks, snarls, and tries to squirm free every time someone walks past them. Time for doggie tranquilizers, I say.

I've thought several times about getting a high-powered pellet gun for varmints, but firearms of any kind are strictly verboten in our home for reasons I won't go into here.

I have been successfully trapping rabbits for a couple of years now and release them 5-6 miles away on the other side of a river so they won't come back. I think the little bastards were doing more damage to my plants than the deer.

As for rodents, I've got 'em all: shrews, voles, mice, chipmunks, rats, and some that are probably unknown to science. I've used the desiccating baits to good effect, and I also use a 5-gallon bucket, filled halfway with water and covered with oiled sunflower seeds on top. I put a wooden ramp on the side of the bucket and just sit back and watch them literally leap into the water like they're diving into a deadly swimming pool.

Don't even get me started on moles.


Interesting, but I think you are underestimating the use of an electric fence. Before I shifted a neighbour had over ten acres where she agisted horses. She very successfully ran electric fencing just like in the photo above all over the property to strip-graze. Seemed odd because it looked as though the horses could just step over it but they never did.

Funny story. For some unknown reason my body does not really conduct electricity well. This allowed me to hold onto an electric fence with relative impunity. I could feel the shock pulse but it was really nothing more than a slight tingle. As a teenager I'd convince either of my brothers that the fence was not working by holding onto it. Of course when they tried they got the full jolt, ....much to my amusement and their anger!

You do seem to have more than your share of those ground-loving varmints. Luckily you do not have what are here referred to as "flying foxes"...(I call them rats with wings!) Not to be confused with those wonderful little insectivorous micro-bats, these ugly damn aerial marauders are enormous. And they stink! They travel in massive swarms at night and will take a bite out of every piece of fruit you have so lovingly tended. Among other diseases, they also carry at least two deadly viruses communicable to humans in their saliva. Where do you think they got those bat viruses form that Fauci then paid the Chinese to be "gainer functioned? (NOT political, it's true....fact check away!) So no eating even after washing. I had to root out and destroy three wonderfully tropical-looking red papayas that fruited prodigiously, but I never got to eat a single one. I grew up on a rural farm so I know exactly the roller traps you mention. We greased the roller with animal fat and watched the mice try to log roll! Luckily we have neither moles or gophers here. Bandicoots are bad enough with their digging but they don't tunnel.

Your sunflowers are truly magnificent! And that's a very impressive veggie patch too! Well done, ...and despite the raiding fauna. Amazing the lengths we gardeners will go to in pursuit of our passion.

[ Edited by TIKIGIKI on 2023-01-26 22:01:21 ]

I didn't take the COVID scare seriously at all until I saw the major international distribution warehouse I was then assigned to as a Security Contractor come out with a three-inch thick binder of pandemic protocols for disseminating to their management. Such a lengthy tome would've required a team of writers at least a year to compose, and this was merely a few weeks into the growing alarm.

I'd always believed I would move to Florida some day, but my common sense was tingling in a major way. My response, for this and a variety of other reasons, was to immediately turn in my three-week notice and put my beloved Tikified house on the market. Sold off 9/10ths of my collection and moved my downsized possessions into storage, and drove to the beach in Florida. My last trip down was the first night of the Georgia curfew, which didn't affect me, taking backroads instead of the interstate.

By the time I got here, the beach was closed off, but I had full run of a six unit Air BnB (also Tikified), because vacation travel had abruptly ceased. Lived there for three months until the lockdown eased, and then I got a small condo near the same beach. The job transfer I'd been assured never materialized after I got here, but with one small pension and increased unemployment insurance benefits, I lived well for a little over a year until I qualified for retirement.

I couldn't have done better if I'd planned it out, but not to gloat. My place's rear view is over a humongous cemetery, where I take my regular walks. The burials I noticed there tripled once the "vaccines" started kicking in. I don't think this particular apocalypse is over yet.

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A little due diligence when it comes to conspiracy theory posts, really can be "factually informative" for example:

The Tweet you have posted a picture of is from Francis Boulle, A wealthy reality star known for the U.K. reality show "Made In Chelsea" and a Vaccine denier.

His post is completely unsubstantiated and full of misinformation as it is actually referring to this news story.

"Suspicions grow that nanoparticles in Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine trigger rare allergic reactions"

About a severe allergy-like reaction in at least eight people who received the COVID-19 vaccine produced by Pfizer and BioNTech over the past 2 weeks may be due to a compound in the packaging of the messenger RNA (mRNA) that forms the vaccine's main ingredient, polyethylene glycol (PEG) which may cause anaphylaxis, an allergic response.

Anaphylactic reactions can occur with any vaccine, but are usually extremely rare—about one per 1 million doses. As of 19 December, the United States had seen six cases of anaphylaxis among 272,001 people who received the COVID-19 vaccine, according to a recent presentation by Thomas Clark of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); the United Kingdom has recorded two.

You can see the whole story here and there is no mention of Heart Attacks or the mortality rate being 71 percent higher, due to the Vaccine.


Now this is not nothing, but it is not anything in the realm of Boulle's nonfactual accustaions, which in fact are just someones opinion whom has no background in Virology or Medicine in general, but did do well in a Reality TV Show.

But lets look at it in a smaller more personal perspective, more statistical, How many people do you actually know? 50, maybe a 100? how many of those got the Vaccine? now how many actually died from the Vaccine? not Covid, but the Vaccine itself? any?

You mention people dying of Heart attacks, where they caused by the Vaccine? or known or unknown Heart Disease, an unhealthy diet or Diabetes, or maybe long term stress and inactivity caused by something else, say like a pandemic?

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Has anyone else started an epic post that just disappears if you click once outside the New Post box before hitting submit?

Because it has happen to me more times then not, It has made me so angry I had to kick the neighbors dog, I would never kick my own dog, although I don't really have a dog, but if I did, I would never do that, but just to make clear, my neighbors dog is a total dick!

So I say good day sir!


Oh you have taken the swear words right out of my mouth ATP! This has happened to me innumerable times! ( And my neighbour doesn't have a dog to even contemplate kicking!)

The times I have composed a longish post, added appropriate photos until it all looked good, then accidentally hit anywhere OUTSIDE the yellow rectangle and just like that, ...IT'S GONE!

FOR GOOD! And hitting return will NOT recover it!

If only that click green label off to the right didn't say "POST REPLY"! Which to my thinking is what you want to do, ....but NO!!! Then I tend to give up! For some reason I can never write anything as well when doing it for the second time.

Now TIKIGIKI....be sure to hit "SUBMIT POST"!

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