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So over two years living, what was before a "Science Fiction" movie genre, we have made it this far, but what did you do, take up or change to get through it all?

Flame Guitar

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For some of us it wasn't our first Apocalypse 😎


Personally I found "The Apocalypse" to be vastly over-rated. All the pre-advertising suggested far more..... I did/changed absolutely nothing, and yet here I remained entirely unaffected in any way at all......

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Everyone's experience was different. US lost less than 1/2% of the population according to statistics.If you didn't lose anyone close, that's not much. A coworker lost his wife and father in the same month, that's a huge percentage of his population.

I work in an ICU. By the time they got to us, they were on their way out and we lost 50-75% of our patients. It was frustrating to work on the same patients day after day knowing they were going to slowly die over the next few weeks and there was nothing you could do about it. Add the frustration of not enough staff and not enough supplies and I just hope that part of my life is over!

Away from work it didn't affect me much. I didn't lose anyone close and we stay home a lot anyway so most of it was business as usual.

My neighbor's son in-law died from Covid and he was in his 40's and relatively good health before he got sick. A friend and his wife got sick EARLY on, before it became a pandemic, and he thought he was going die.

I'm as vaccinated as you can get. Worked from home early on and was careful masking up when I did go out. Haven't gotten sick, knock on wood.


Just MY personal experience which of course may differ from yours. . I chose to sit out this particular so-called "vaccine". No, I am NOT some conspiracy theorist or mad anti-vaxxer as the popular denigration went. In truth I'd back the ACTUAL number of vaccinations I HAVE had against any one! (I travelled a lot.)

I have a lot of front-line medico friends, and as hospital records clearly now show, if you have had "the jab", (such an irritating term), and can still catch Covid, can still transmit Covid, and can actually still DIE of Covid, then clearly what you were given is/was NOT a vaccine. We are yet to discover just exactly what it was, or it's actual effects but be assured there will eventually be a few revelations revealed.

Hospital wards are full of doubly vaccinated and doubly (or whatever the number is now) boostered patients suffering Covid. So many young men (specially athletes) suffering from or dying of heart/blood problems. Myocarditis and Pericarditis. I have two previously healthy young nephews currently diagnosed with such effects, and only since their vaccination. A double co-incidence perhaps? I don't think so. And sadly their condition is now permanent.

I myself went maskless, and did not remain indoors. The virus was certainly here. I cleaned house, shopped for and was in very close contact with the family right next door, who suffered Covid collectively, (yes, all were fully vaccinated) and yet I remained, and continue to remain, totally uninfected. Of course I have used RATS to make sure, but all tests were negative.

Some may appreciate the irony of this below: main-qimg-0a2a70db456398b4ffbeb0805c0a10d2

Yesterday I read the incredible news that there is now a "vaccine" for the effects of the vaccine!

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7AE51721-BF8D-4F44-85C0-CE86AF715873I switched to hunting for arrowheads in the rural cornfields of Michigan. Can’t get much more socially distanced than that.

[ Edited by uncle trav on 2022-10-27 03:25:42 ]

And a magnificent collection of finds they are too! Are they flaked obsidian?

No these were made from locally sourced cherts found here in southwest Michigan. The pipe in the center was carved from catlinite and was most likely traded in as raw material from Minnesota. All found in a very small area in one corn field. Thank for taking a look.

[ Edited by uncle trav on 2022-11-05 04:31:07 ]

An enviable collection for sure. The stone is quite unusual.

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